The following inventions are among the most useful improvements lately patented:— COTTON CLEANETt. Tliis invention (by Benjamin Jackman, of Louisville, Ky.) relates to a machine designed to be attached to or connected with the flue of a cotton gin for the purpose of cleansing the cotton, or separating the dirt from it and condensing it, so as to facilitate the baling operation. The invention not only facilitates the baling, but also causes the bales to be more uniform and compact than by the usual baling process ; and also obviates the use of a “ lint room “ to receive the ginned cotton, and in which lint room one or more hands are generally employed, to their great, and often fatal, injury, caused by the inhaling of the dust and fine particles of cotton with which the air within the is filled. The invention consists in the use ot revolving screens, in connection with a dust chamber, and with standing screen and condensing rollers, so as to effect the desired end. TEMPLES. This invention relates to that kind of temple known as the “ spur plate temple..”It consists in inserting the teeth of a temple into a piece of wood, which is fitted to the plate of the temple in such a manner as to be removable for the purpose of being renewed with a new set of teeth when the teeth are worn out, or for th* purpose of renewing the teeth singly when injured.