Wax CANDLES.T. H. Smith, of Hammersmith, England, patentee.The improvement is in the wick preparation. They are saturated in a solution formed of 4 ozs. borax, 1 oz. chlorate ox potash, 1 oz. nitrate of potash, Ild 1 oz. of salammonia dissolved in three quarts of water. After this they are dried and fit for the waxing. HAT BODIES.J. Johnson, London, paten- tee.He mixes coik dust mixed with wool or the substances now used for hat bodies, employing fine whalebone for stiffening. NEW COMPOSITION.J. Hinks and E. Ni- choll, of Birmingham, England, patentees. The new composition is for making boxes for holding steel pens, 'c. It is composed of 3 parts of gutta percha mixed with one part of wheat flour, or with other farinacous substances by heated r oilers, and then stamped into shape.