The following invention* have been patented this week, as will be found by referring to our List of Claims on another page:— GRAPPLING IMPLEMENT—Thomas Sheehan, of Dunkirk, N. Y., has invented an improvement in implements which are employed for grasping submerged articles at the bottom of rivers, wells, c, and raising them to the surface. The object of the invention is to produce an implement over which the operator may have perfect control, the jaws being allowed to distend to a greater or less degree as may be desired, and also permitted to close* forcibly or gradually at any depth at which the implement is capable of being used. CALENDER CLOCK—H. Skinner, of Huron, Ohio, has invented a new clock for telling the day of the month, the month itself, and hour. It does this by a simple arrangement of mechanism that accommodates itself to the varying lengths of the months, and gives February only twenty-eight days in leap year. It is less complicated than those usually made to effect the same purpose, and does great credit to the ingenuity of the inventor. MACHINE FOR MAKING HORSE SHOES.— This is an improvement on a machine for the same purpose patented July 29, 1857, by B. Young and S. Titus. The invention consists in the employment of cutting shears and a feeding device, auxiliary guides, and a vibrating bar or loosening rod, arranged and applied to the above machine so as to facilitate its operation, and ensure the perfection of its work, as well as incrsase the quantity turned out. It is the invention of H. A. Wills, of Keeseville, N. Y. THE mold on decayed fruit, stale bread, moist wood, c, is shown by the microscope to be plants, bearing leaves, flowers, and seeds, and increasing with incredible rapidity, for in a few hours the seeds spring up, arrive at maturity, and bring forth seeds themselves, 1 so that many generations axe perfected in a — day.