The following inventions have been patented this week, as will be found by referring to our List of Claims :— WALKING STICK GUN—Robert R Beckwith, of New York city, has invented a new walking stick gun ; and although we cannot explain it so as to gire any definite idea of it without the aid of drawings, yet we can say that it is very simple, and the mechanism to effect the cocking and lettingoff of the hammer to fire the gun, is also of very simple construction DAMPER FOR AIRHEATING FURNACES— The object of this damper is to prevent the overheating of air in the hot air conducting pipes of airheating furnaces, when the register ofthe pipes is wholly or partially closed This overheating of the air in the closed pipes is attended with dangerous consequences, as adjacent woodwork is frequently ignited, and buildings are burned down, which is a great objection against the use of such furnaces for warming buildings, The invention consists in placing in the lower part of each hot air oonducting pipe, a valve or damper, hung on an axis in nearly an equilibriated state, so that when the register of the pipes ara closed, and the draft through them consequently stopped, the dampers will close by their gravity, and shut off the pipes from the the airheating chambers, and when the registers are fully, or more or leas open, the dampers will be opened to a corresponding degree by the draft It is the invention of Ebenezer Barrows, Jr, of Brooklyn, N Y An engraving of this invention will shortly appear in our columns COTTON GiNThis is an improvement in what is known as the "roller gin, "for ginning Sea Island or long staple cotton The object of the invention is to expedite the process to a very considerable degree, without injuring the staple or fiber The object is attained by the use of a roller, vibratory stripper, pressure plate, yielding feedboard, and screw, used in connection with doffers Hiram W Brown, of Mill'ville, N J, is the inventor CUTTING THE LEAVES FROM SUGAR CAKE —Calvin Dickey, of Mercersburg, Pa, has invented a machine for the above purpose, previous to crushing or grinding the stalks for sugar The invention consists in having a cutter attached to a tubular flanch, so as to form a hollow cutting cylinder—this cutting device being connected with a grinding or crushing mill in such a way that the stalks of sugar cane will be drawn through it by the rollers of the mill, and the leaves will be cut from the stalks MACHINE FOR TURNING TOOL HANDLES —Hiram Plumb, of Honesdale, Pa, has invented a new machine for the above purpose It consists in the employment of a series of cutters combined with a pattern and stops, so that the desired articles can be readily turned and cut successively from a bolt or stick, in an expeditious and perfect manner The invention also consists in a peculiarity of the finishing tool, whereby the articles, as they are finished, are cut off from the bolt, and they present at their ends a smooth and finished appearance REVOLVING CYLINDER STEAM ENGINE— This invention consists principally in two hollow stationary steam heads, applied and arranged to serve as journals for the main drum or flywheel of the engine, and bearings for the cylinder journals, while they also serve as valves to effect the eduction and induction of the steam to and from the cylinder The inventor is Thomas Rogers, of Philadelphia, Pa The great iron district of South Wales has suffered from strikes very severely, and at the present time the men are only just coming back to work after a very protracted strike, the cause of which was a reduction of wages This was a necessary consequence of the late hard, times, but we are glad to chronicle the fact that the iron trade throughout the world is again on the improving scale