The following iuventions have been patented this week, as will be found by referring to our List of Claims :— VALVE GEAR FOR STEAM ENGINES.-—John F. Allen, of New York, has invented an improved valve gear, which consists in a certain arrangement of parts for operating the valve rock shaft of a steam engine in such a manner as to effect the induction of the steam at the proper time, and cut it off, at various points in the stroke. The invention can be used with both slide and poppet valves. GRINDING MILI".—An improved mill for grinding bark for tanning purposes, has been invented by B. A. Beardsley, of Waterville, N. Y. It eon,ists in the employment of a series of conical toothed grinding shells, stationary toothed arms, and toothed cases, arranged relatively with each other, so that the grinding capacity of the mill is greatly augmented. DEVICE FOR UPSETTING TIRES.—G. W. Cooper, of Morenci, Mich., is the inventor of this device, which consists in a novel arrangement of the jaws or clamps which grasp the tire or bar to be upset, and which, owing to their peculiar arrangement, will allow the bar, while being compressed or upset, to be firmly pressed down upon its bed. This renders the device much more efficient than those now in usc. PORTABLE SAFE.—The object of this invention is to obtain a safe for domestic or family usc, and one that may be constructed at a comparatively small cost, be perfectly fire-proof, and though small, be sufficiently large to contain jewelry, and small valuables. Theodore Sharts, of Albany, N. Y., is the inventor. BRTAD PUNCII.—John Thorndike, of North Weare, N. H., has invented an implement, the object of which is to faeilitate the driving of brads, and consequently expediting the labor of "sticking" or attaching molding or beading to various adicles of joinery, cabinet and similar work. DEVICE FOR SKINNING EELS.—This invention, which is certainly novel, and to the use of which we hope the eels will soon become accustomed, consists in the employment of a clamp or holder and decapitating knife, used in connection with a griper and ripping knife, or their equivalents, whereby the desired work, viz., the skinning of eels, may be performed very expeditiously, and in a manner far preferable—i. e., to the operator, not the eels—to that done by hand. The inventor is Adam Emeigh, of Jerusalem, N. Y. IMPROYED PROCESS OF MAKING OLD RAILS INTO NEW ONES.—Old railroad rails are taken, and with them the " pile" is formed, so that the labor and expense of the preparatory rolling of each old rail into flat bars, as at present practiced, is avoided, and new rails are rolled direct from the old ones, equally as good, in every respect, as the ones rolled or constructed by the old process. Giles Edwards, of Johnstown, Pa,, is the inventor. LAMP.—W. H. Racey, of Saint Augustine, Fla., has invented an improved lamp, the object of which is to supply the flame with a large or requisite amount of oxygen, without the employment of the glass chimney, that is generally used at present. This lamp is more especially adapted to burn coal oil, and other substances rich in carbon, altbough it is applicable to any light-producing material. The illuminating fluid known as coal oil, gives, when properly consumed, a beautiful light, but on account of a chimney having to be added to the lamp, it could not be moved from place to place; with this lamp it can, and therefore this invention will do much to encourage the use of this cheap source of illumination.