The following inventions have been patented this week, as will be found by referring to our List of Claims :— IMPROVED WATER METER.—William Darker Jr., of Philadelphia, Pa., has invented an improved v/ater meter, his invention consisting in arranging and combining with an oscillating piston enclosed in a box, a series of parts for operating a, slide valve, connected with the registering apparatus, in such manner as to cause the valve to be moved at the end of each oscillation of the piston, and thus by the action of the water in its constant flow through the meter to register the quantity. The patent has been assigned to J. B. Thompson, of the same place. FAUCET.—This is an improvement in that class of faucets which are designed for the " drawing" of molasses, oil and other substances that are thick and do not flow readily. The object of the invention is to obtain afree and uninterrupted passage for the substance to be " drawn " when the faucet is open, and also a deflector to guide the substance into the proper receptacle, the deflection forming when turned so as to close the faucet, a perfect" cutoff " preventing all drip. It was patented ' by N. P. Whittelesey and assigned to Frary k , Co., of West Meriden, Ct