Of General Interet. REINFORCED CONCRETE JETTY.W. C. Cottrell, .Asbury Park, N. J. The invention has for its object the construction of a jetty of reinforced concrete piles adapted to hold sand washed along the beach by the currents of the ocean and thereby to build up the beach to the desired height. Each pile is provided with a tenon on one side and a groove on the other, so that they may be driven to form a continuous wall. DISPLAY-RACK.F. H. Corwin, Riverhead, N. Y. The display rack is of novel construction adapted particularly to hold display cards and photographs and to enable a particular card to be inserted Into or removed from any part of the rack without disturbing the other cards therein. The racks are preferably of double construction so that a double set of photographs may be Inserted In each of the several sections of each compartment. COPY-HOLDER.E. B. Duke, CookevlIle, Tenn. This copy-holder Is adapted to be adjusted to typewriters of different makes. It will rest securely In an upright or folded position, because the center of gravity of the copy rack holds the same In place. The rack may be turned laterally to different positions, and may also be adjusted to convenient heights. As the device wlIl fold it may be used In drop cabinets. MARKING-GAGE.A. Solomon, New York, N. Y. The object of Mr. Solomon's Invention Is to provide an improved marking gage more especially designed for the use of carpenters, joiners, cabinet makers, and other mechanics, and is arranged to permit of conveniently and accurately laying out mortises and the like. The construction Is very simple and the markers and the abutment bars may be quickly adjested to suit the work in hand. REINFORCEMENT FOR CONCRETE ARCHES.M. A. Abbott, Chrisney, Ind. The object of this invention Is to provide a structin'e easily and quickly assembled. readily bent to the desired form and furnished with means for holding It In place while concrete Is. applied and Is hardening. The Invention also provides a reinforcement for arches comprising a single structure of metal bars which forms not only the arch but the spandrels, balustrades, wing walls, and floor. MUFF-HOLDER.L. W. Sco'rt. Boston, Mass. Mr. Scott has Invented a muff holder of a type resembling a huge safety pin. The main frame is rectangular and is formed with a hanger. The lower bar of the frame Is a spring membpr which may be released from engagement with the frame at one end to receive the muff and then hookpd fast thereon. The holder Is curved horizontally so as to preserve the proper shape of the muff. DEVICE FOR LAYING CONCRETE PAVEMENTS.G. W. and G. F. Switzer, Salisbury, N. C. By means of the device forming the subject of this Invention, it Is possible to more rapidly "float" and trowel the surface of concrete pavements and also to lay the surface off Into panels with margin lines and beveled edges after the usual manner, but In considerably less time. DISPLAY-RACK.R. E. Marti.v, Davenport. Iowa. Means are herein provided for supportIng any desired number of samples of wall paper so arranged as to readily Indicate the character of each sample and enable such of the Individual samples. as may be desired, to be displayed In combination with each other so as to show the general effect, as when samples of wall. border, and ceiling papers are displayed In Ilroper relation to each other. Note.Coples of any of these patents will be furnished by Munn & Co. for ten cents each. Please state the name of the patentee, title of the Invention, and date of this paper.