Of Interest to Farmers, HARROW ATTACHMENT FOR PLOWS.— J. C. FoosiiEj Ninety-Six, S. C. The purpose of the invention is to provide an improvement upon the construction of the harrow attach ment for which Letters Patent were formerly i granted to Mir. Fooshe. A winged shovel is. employed and two disk cultivators are supported! at each side of the beam arranged to cultivate) those portions of two rows of plants adjacent to the roots which the shovel does not ordinarily reach. This is done while the shovel operates upon the central portion of the furrow between said rows. Thus all ground is fur rowed from center to roots of plants, upturned and loosened, and work accelerated of cultivat ing large tracts of planted ground. Of General Interest. AIR-COMPRESSING SYSTEM.—?. SAUER, Pittsburg, Pa. In this patent the invention relates to compressing air apparatus, designed to produce a pressure of aeriform fluid which may be utilized in the performance of useful; work, such as running machinery, for ventilat ing buildings and dwellings, and for the pro-i auction of gas for illuminating purposes. ATTACHMENT FOR DRAFT-HARNESS.— V. E. PERRY, Warrensburg, ?. Y. Ordinarily the heavy leather harness is liable to change its position on the rump and haunches of the ani mal while the beast is pulling. This move ment of the hip strap, back strap, and breech-! ing creates friction that frequently produces: sores that greatly irritate the animal, and from their position difficult to heal. This invention prevents all abrasion and injury. STRAP-FASTENER.—G. A. MAINS, Thomp-1 son, Mont. The invention is especially designed ; for use in securing mail pouches, such as are commonly used in carrying United States mail. The construction is simple, easily applied for use, can be readily operated to permit tighten ing of the straps around the neck of the pouch to any desired extent, and may then be easily closed and locked. ORE-ROASTER.—A. J. GARVER, Clarkston, Wash. In this patent the invention refers to' roasters of the kind used in treating ores, and more particularly ores containing sulfur. It is of simple form, self-feeding, self-agitating, and self-emptying. A fireproof cylinder is provided with spiral conveyer threads for the purpose of more efficiently handling the ore. RUBY-PIN SETTER.—C. ?. SLOAN, Ozark, Ark. The object in this case is to provide a setter, which is simple and durable in construc tion and arranged to permit convenient, quick, and accurate setting of the ruby pin in the roller table of a balance, without requiring re moval of the hair spring or the roller tabled from the balance staff, and to permit use of ? the device for any size balance staff. Hardware. ALARM DEAD-LOCK.—M. SHEINMAN, New York, ?. Y. This invention has reference to improvements in alarm locks for doors, the object being to provide in connection with a lock a simple means for closing an electric alarm circuit should an attempt be made to force open the locking bolt from the outer side of the door by means of a knife blade or sim ilar instrument. WRENCH.—A. S. PI3ARCE, San Juan, Cal. The object of the inventor is to provide a wrench by means of which a nut may be easily removed from a vehicle axle and which can be operated by the turning of the wheel which is secured upon the axle by the nut. It grips a nut and at the same time engages with the wheel-hub so that the nut is unscrewed by turning the wheel in one direction, and may be screwed back upon the axle by turning in the opposite direction. Household Utilities. CLOTHES-DRIER.—S. E. WILSON, Franklin, Ky. An important feature of the invention is the relation of the hinges to the several bars and to the end battens as it provides a rigid drying frame when the parts are adjusted for use and yet permits of the folding of the parts of the frame when the latter is collapsed. The rack may be made in different sizes. Clothing, large sheets, or other large articles are abso lutely protected from rust when hung on any part of the rack. SASH-FASTENER.—G. ?. ORR, Cripple Creek, Col. In the present patent the improve ment pertains to sash fasteners, and the object is to produce a. fastener which is controlled by -gravity, but which is constructed in such a way as to prevent the fastener from becoming re leased except by a force applied at the operat ing lever. .Machines and Mechanical Devices. BUILDING-BLOCK MOLD.C. J. T. CORDES, Waldwick, N. J. The object of the !nvention is to produce a machine simple in construction and intended to mold divided building blocks. The improvement relates to molds or molding machines for forming building blocks of con crete or similar material, and the machine may be readily operated by one man. Pertaining to Vehicles. DUMPING-WAGON. —' T. WRIGHT, Jersey City, ?. J. The improvement pertains to a novel manner of mounting the bed of a wagon, particularly of a dumping wagon, upon the rear axle. The object is to distribute the load on the vehicle as fully as possible, and to provide a set of springs which will be more durable j and efficient than those heretofore used. ! NOTE.—Copies of any of these patents will ? be furnished by Munn Co. for ten cents each, i Please state the name of the patentee, title of the invention, and date of this paper.