Of General Interest. SPUD AND HOISTING FRAME FOR EXCAVATORS.J. P. KARB and J. D. RADCH, Logansport, Ind. As the result of long experience In use of certain excavators tlie Inventors have devised and put in successful use a construction of frames whereby defects are avoided and advantages gained. The composite frame is made up of a vertical main, or "spud" frame, a so-called A-frame and braces therefor, together with various attachments of these individual frames. They have found by actual practice that the frame produced is strong and light and one in which strains are so distributed that it remains rigid while hoisting the heaviest loads. LOCKING DEVICE FOR SEAT-GUARDS. S. E. JACKMAN, New York, N. Y. The object of the present invention Is to provide a device for seat guards of a car, boat or a like vehicle, traveling over an incline or a switch-back railway, such as is used in pleasure resorts, exhibition grounds and the like, the guard being arranged to insure perfect safety to passengers seated in the vehicle by preventing them from accidentally opening the guard during travel. It relates to locking devices such as shown and described in the Letters Patent of the U. S., formerly granted to Mr. Jackman. machines and ITIechanlcal Devices. INDICATOR FOR TYPEWRITING MACHINES.H. A. DEWING, San Buenaventura, Cal. The object here is to provide an indicator arranged to indicate the exact point at which the character to be struck will appear on the paper, at the same time indicating the exact line above the scale at which the type will strike, thus permitting the operator to quickly manipulate the machine in filling in blanks, writing on ruled paper, and correcting errors or omissions and when the carriage is raised to see at a glance at what point the next character will appear. MARINE PROPULSION.F. C. BBNNINO, Mezpique, La. This inventor proposes to arrange a pair of floats spaced apart between which an endless belt is arranged mounted on pulleys the shaft of one of which is designed to be driven by any suitable power. The pulleys at their peripheries are given a zigzag form to present pockets alternately at each side, his idea being that in this way the pur-leys will be readily freed from any debris. Prime Movers and Their ..Iccessorles. STEAM-GENERATOR.H. Cox, Abraham, Utah. The Invention relates to water tube steam boilers. The object is to provide a generator, devoid of undesirable flat surfaces, internal stays, stay bolts, braces, and the like, and arranged to compensate for the unequal expansion and contraction of the boiler relative to the steam drum, and to permit convenient access to various parts for removing scale, sediment, etc. Railways and Their Acceeaorles. FENDER.J. A. SAGE Stryker, Ohio. The fender In this patent is connected with the adjacent truck of the car In such a manner that as the truck turns in going around a curve It will impart a lateral, swinging movement to the fender. The patentee provides a novel cushion to the rear of the fender and above the same, and has a special construction of raising and lowering means for the fender whereby the throwing of a hand lever will raise the fender while the motorman may with his foot depress a releasing device for instantly lowering the fender. EAIL-CLAMP.P. A. BONIS. New York, N. Y. In the present patent the invention has for Its object the provision of means simple In construction, effective in operation, and durable in use, adapted to enable a rail to be securely held on its supporting ties, and to be readily applied thereto or detached therefrom. Pertaining to Vehicles. SPROCKET WHEEL AND CHAIN.R. S. MclNTYEB, Riverside, Cal. The present application Is a division of one formerly filed by Mr. Mclntyre, under title of "Automatic driving gear." The object is to produce a sprocket wheel and chain which will operate efficiently to transmit a rotary movement, and, further, to provide a construction which will Insure that the chain will not become displaced from the wheel. NOTE.Copies of any of these patents will be furnished by Muiin & Co. for ten cents each. Please state the name of the patentee, title ol the invention, and date of this paper.