Pertaining to Apparel. HAT AND COAT HANGER.A. A. LOTT and R. C. STEIN, Birmingham, Ala. The patentees have designed a garment-holder to be formed out of wire which is provided with a main frame that may be given an ornamental shape such as the general configuration of a shield. The wire is twisted in a very ingenious manner so as to form a series of coat and hat holders from the bases of these coat and hat hangers, and shaped to connect and brace the main frame. Of Interest to Farmers. LOADING APPARATUS.A. J. DERBY, Honolulu, Hawaii. More especially the invention refers to apparatus for loading sugar-cane and the like in the field for conveyance and transportation of the same to one or more places or stations, as a sugar factory for instance. A principal object is to provide an apparatus comparatively inexpensive besides being time-saving and labor-saving, and possessing capacity for long and repeated service. Of General Interest. SIGHT FOR FIREARMS.E. W. EVANS, Greenwood, British Columbia, Canada. The invention relates to sights for firearms, and has for its principal object to provide sights for arms which will prevent the blurring of the vision of the marksman when he is aiming at a mark. It provides the sights with surfaces Which will give such a contrast as will assist the marksman when aiming at dark objects. FOLDING STEP-LADDER.A. DAHL, New York, N. Y. The object of the inventor is to provide a folding step ladder, for use by painters, interior decorators, and other persons, and capable of being folded into a comparatively small package to be conveniently carried from one place to another, and also of being readily extended for its legitimate use. HEDDLE-FRAME FOR LOOMS.G. BRIS-SON Lewiston, Maine. The invention pertains to weaving, and its object is to provide a harness, more especially designed for carrying the selvage warp, and arranged to permit convenient and quick repair of a broken heddle without requiring cutting of the selvage and without wasting the other non-injured heddles or other parts of the harness. BOTTLE-STOPPER.J. A. MOLLER, JR., New York, N. Y. A purpose in this case is to provide a construction of bottle stopper adapted for ready attachment to any form or type of bottle, which stopper can be quickly and conveniently cleaned and operated to open or close the bottle, and whereby the movements of the stopper for opening and closing can be accomplished by the application of the thumb only. Hardware. TOOL.G. H. GOODHOLM and J. A. TRAIN,, Lindsborg, Kan. In addition to splicing wire, the tool is for use in cutting pipes and rods. It is more especially directed to the cutting of porcelain and other brittle tubes such as are used for insulating purposes. There is the provision of means for the uniform cutting of tubes which may not or may be of exact cylindrical cross section, and for a novel pivotal adjustment for the operating levers. SAFETY-RAZOR.L. HEUSER, New York, N. Y. The invention has for its object to provide a safety attachment simple in construction, effective in operation, and durable in use, adapted to be used with razors of ordinary or special construction. The guard is readily removed from the razor blade by raising the free end of the clamping arm and releasing the offset end or hook from engagement with the back of the razor. Heating and Lighting. CHIMNEY-COWL.M. LUDWIG, Albany, Ore. The present invention is an improvement upon the one for which Mr. Ludwig formerly received IT. S. Letters Patent ; and it relates to the construction of the top or cap proper of the cowl and to the means for supporting the same and securing it detachably yet rotatably. The spider or cowl attachment is adapted for application to two different sizes of chimney pipes. CRUDE-OIL BURNER.A. D. MARCOTTE, Church Point, La. This is a form of vapor generator and burner particularly adapted for the consumption of crude or heavy oil. The burner comprises a U-shape tube arranged horizontally with one leg over the other, the lower being provided with gas nipples and with a sliding cleaner, a second tube arranged over the U-shape one and a small tube connecting the second tube with the lower branch of the U-shape tube. Household Utilities. COMBINED BOOKCASE AND FOLDING BED.W. FREEDMANN, New York, N. Y. The inventor has in view the provision of a bookcase having a compartment formed at tb** rear thereof in which is adapted to De conrameo when in folded relation, a bed of novel construction. The case is revolubly mounted, whereby it may be easily reversed to bring cither the bed or front f the case to accessible position. machines and mechanical Devices. WELL-DRILLING MACHINE.N. D. WELLS, Tulsa, Indian Ter. The machine is arranged to permit convenient actuating of the drill-rod at the beginning of the drilling operation by the employment of a spudding device, without the use of the walking-beam, and to allow convenient and quick lifting of debris, etc., out of the well, independent of the spudding device and beam. CHANGE-SPEED APPARATUS.A. SAUER, Pittsburg, Pa. This apparatus communicates rotary motion from a motor shaft to another shaft arranged for driving machinery of various descriptions. By substituting gears of one size for others of different size the speed of the driven shaft may be changed at will relative to the speed of the motor shaft. There is a special provision of means for adjusting the gears, to take up wear or compensate for imperfections or irregularities in the bearings. RETHRESHER AND POLISHER FOR COFFEE.E. C. PRIETO, Cipaquira, Colombia, S. America. This machine has means for subjecting the coffee grain or bean to a rubbing or polishing action, and improves the means for subjecting the same to an air current during the polishing process, for the purpose of separating out chaff or bran. Means regulate the degree of pressure to which the grain is subjected during the polishing process. LIFTING-MACHINE. C. MLLER, Jacksonville, Fla. The invention in this instance is to provide a lifting machine simple and portable in construction, and more especially designed for picking up barrels and other packages from the ground or floor and elevating and discharging the same at any desired height for storing, stacking, and other purposes. WEIGHING-MACHINE. G. H. MALLETT, Copake, N. Y. In this patent the invention has reference to means for depositing powders or granulated commodities of various kinds in a plurality of receptacles at the same time, and is designed to provide means for accurately weighing and placing the commodities in even proportions in each of the several receptacles. MULTOGRAM RECORD. A. HOFFMAN, New York, N. Y. The invention relates to records used for talking machines, the more particular object being to provide a record with a multiplicity of record tracks for the purpose of increasing the amplitude and volume of the sound vibrations. Among further means it relates to those for separating the various record tracks from each other, so as to prevent a stylus from one of these record tracks moving into another. CLUTCH.P. DANIEL, New York, N. Y. The aim in this case is to provide certain improvements whereby the connection between the driving and the driven member is effected by means of a fluid which may freely circulate to permit one member to rotate in respect to the other, and which may be prevented from circulating to effect the simultaneous movement of the two members. AUTOMATIC SWITCH-GOVERNOR. L. COLSON and C. GEBAUER, New York, N. Y. The more particular object of the invention is to produce a mechanism suitable for use in connection with stereopticons and with projectors for moving pictures, and in which the lamp is automatically extinguished in case the mechanism moving the film of the projector is stopped, so that the heat from the lamp endangers the film. WIND-MOTOR.J. W. BEATES, Denver, Col. The purpose of this improvement is the provision of a new wind motor, arranged t) utilize the motive power of the wind to the fullest advantage by varying the length of the stroke of the pump rod according to the velocity of the wind. Prime movers and Their Accessories. ENGINE-STARTER.F. L. ORR, Thurman, Iowa. The invention refers to means for starting gas or gasolene engines, and the object is to provide power means adapted for cranking internal combustion engines in general, stationary or movable, but more especially for starting engines of the general character stated, employed on gasolene automobiles. Railways and Their Accessories. RAILWAY-SWITCH.J. F. REESE and C. L. MINER, Lucerne, Ind. An object of the invention is to provide a device which can be readily applied to the switch and which will not interfere with the ordinary operation of the switch by means of a switch bar or the like. An improved tripper is carried by the car for operating the switch. Pertaining to Vehicles. AXLE-LUBRICATOR.A. B. DAY, Knoxville, Tenn. The improvement relates to axle lubricators in which the outer end of the hub is provided with an opening for reception of lubricant, the same being normally closed by a spring valve. The lubricating attachment contains a normally seated valve, but adapted to be opened by due pressure, the body or cage being adapted to be screwed into the wheel hub and a portion of the attachment projecting into the recess in the end of the axle. NOTE.Copies of any of these patents will be furnished by Munn & Co. for ten cents each. Please state the name of the patentee, title of the invention, and date of this paper.