Pertaining to Apparel BUSTLE.EMILY H. WRIGHT, Port Washington, N. 5T. In this patent the invention relates to wearing apparel, and its object is to provide a new and improved bustle, which is simple, durable, and exceedingly light in construction, and arranged to maintain its shape under all conditions of legitimate use, and to insure a proper hanging of the wearer's skirt. HAIR-PIN.G. H. SPRAY, New York, N. Y. The object in this case is to provide a pin composed of two members, one slidably mounted within the other, and the members so constructed that when in one position in respect to each other, barbs or sharp projections are presented to prevent the withdrawal of the pin, while when the members are in the opposite position in relation to each other the barbs are concealed or shielded. FASTENER. D. W. PALMER, Hermon, Maine. An object of the invention is to provide a construction embodying a U-shaped wire member composed of a cross-piece connecting two side arms, the free ends of which are bent upon themselves and sharpened to form piercing prongs, and a sheet metal crossbar embracing both the cross-piece and side arms and having projecting catches adapted to engage the pointed extremities of the prongs. Electrical Devices. TELEGRAPHONE SYSTEM. G. MORIN, Habana, Cuba. The more particular object of this inventor is to so connect the telegraphone with line wires as to enable the instrument to be easily controlled from a distance. It further relates to means whereby a person may leave a telegraphone in such condition that during his absence it will automatically receive a message intended for the person and will, under proper conditions, reproduce this message carefully. Of Interest to Farmers. CORN-THINNER. C. S. SHANK, Scott Depot, W. Va. This invention relates to improvements in devices particularly adapted for thinning out corn plants, the object being the provision of a device for this purpose, that will be simple in construction, and by means of which the plants will be easily drawn out of the ground. BALE-TIE.E. H. VANCE, Colton, Texas. The purpose of the improvement is to produce a bale tie from a wire strand or rod by bending the same, and securing the tie by means which will permit the tie to be shortened, for binding the bale upon which it was placed when said bale has been further pressed for its consolidation and a consequent reduction in bulk and girth. Its preferred use is on bales of cotton. ADJUSTABLE TONGUE.J. P. NESTE, Lake Mills, Iowa. The invention pertains to attachments adapted to be applied to threshing machines, separators, and machines of a similar character, and to be connected to a traction engine, and the object is to provide means whereby such machines may be turned in the desired direction in inconvenient places, and readily backed between grain stacks, and guided in narrow passage-ways. Of elierai Interest. WALL CONSTRUCTION.E. W. STEELE and A. C. SHUSTER, Edna, Cal. The object of this improvement is to provide a wall construction of brick, concrete blocks, or the like, bound in place by wire cables, to render the wall exceedingly strong and durable, and capable of withstanding the action of earthquakes or other forceful jars. GRAVE CONSTRUCTION.W. LIVINGSTON, Hastings, Neb. An object of this inventor is to provide a construction which can be applied to already completed graves, and which provides a top comprising a solid slab of cement or concrete. Another purpose is to provide a construction having a supporting arch with the crown substantially flush with the surface of the ground, and suitably supported on the arch a grave top consisting of a solid slab of cement, concrete or the like. MATCH-BOX.M. F. LUNA, Santillo, Mexico. This match box is adapted to be carried in the pocket - and conveniently operated when desired. It may be made of paste-board, wood, metal or other suitable material. Matches may be supplied to the holders when the latter are opened and the holders can be subsequently closed and applied to the casing. The outer side of the cases may receive advertisements. MEAT-TAG.R. H. JACKSON, Rochester, N. Y. The object in this case is to furnish novel details of construction for a meat tag that is specially adapted for the use of meat and is not removable without cutting the same ; and furthermore, that is not capable of re-use after it has been secured in meat that has been inspected. DOG-MUZZLE.W. H. DUSENBURY, New York, N. Y. The purpose of the invention is to provide an economic form of muzzle, so that it will not chafe the nose at any point, and which will also effectively prevent the nose protruding through the front of the muzzle. It may be constructed almost entirely of wire, and worn with comparative ease. STIRRUP.J. TWEIT, Ericson, Mont. The objects here are to provide a stirrup that may be manufactured and sold at a small cost, that will have a spring-yielding movement, thus relieving a horse to a considerable extent from the pressure of the rider, and from which a rider's foot may readily slide laterally of the foot plate in case of accident. BOX-FASTENER.L. B. PRAHAR, New York, N. Y. The purpose of the improvement is to provide a means whereby the latch sections of fasteners consist of but two parts, thereby ' not only materially reducing the cost of manufacture, but at the same time producing a j stronger article, and one wherein there is little or no liability of the parts becoming separated and lost. BRACKET.L. NOLAN, New York, N. Y. The inventor produces a type of bracket suitable for use in connection with supporting horses of the kind shown in a former patent granted to Mr. Nolan. The more particular object of the present invention is to produce a bracket suitable for supporting a straight edge at a convenient distance below the platform resting upon horses of the kind above mentioned in order to facilitate trimming of selvages or marginal edges from paper, cloth, or other similar material resting upon the platform. CEILING CONSTRUCTION.V. MOESLEIN, Weehawken, N. J. The object of the invention is to provide a ceiling construction for fireproof structures having metal laths supported by the cement or other concrete floor filling I and forming a key for the reception and retention of the plaster, to permit of forming an exceedingly strong and durable ceiling, not \ liable to fall, and having a smooth, uniform surface. NON-REFILLABLE BOTTLE'.H. C. JOHNSON and O. STEIDEL, Washington, D. C. The object in this instance is to provide a novel construction whereby two balls within the neck of the bottle may operate one as a sealing ball and the other as a stop ball in connection with a novel construction of bottle neck for permitting the contents of the bottle to be poured or dispensed and for preventing the refilling of the bottle. HYDROCARBON-BURNER FOR FURNACES.B. L. WORTHEN, Tucson, Ariz. Ter. In the use of a plurality of hydrocarbon burners within the walls of the smelting chamber, for the purpose of projecting oxidizing desulfurizing flames into or against the mass of ore within the chamber it frequently happens that the smelting is seriously interfered with. This is due to the collapse of one or more burners, which causes reduction of working pressure within the chamber with evil results. The present burner overcomes these and other disadvantages. APPARATUS FOR ASCERTAINING THE PROBABILITY OF FROST.L. H. BERNEL, Paris, France. Hitherto, apparatus such as the August's psychrometer composed of two thermometers, the one dry and the other wet, could be used for that purpose, but after having read the figures it was necessary to refer to tables in order to detect the dew-point and to ascertain whether there was any danger of frost. This reading cannot be effected by everybody, and the present device avoids the disadvantage. BAG AND FASTENING.T. L. BEAM, Lake City, Col. The bag is especially adapted for the purpose of carrying specimens of ores or similar articles. It may also be used to carry wheat, oats, potatoes, cement, coal, etc. The inventor's object is to construct it in such a way as to facilitate the removal of the contents, while at the same time provision is made for preventing the loss of any of the contents of the bag, which might otherwise occur through an imperfect closure at the mouth of the bag. The bag admits of sealing. ATOMIZER.W. J. ENGLISH, Cohoes, N. Y. This invention pertains to an atomizer adapted particularly for use as a laundry spray ; also it may be used for spraying other articles. The operator needs to simply blow through a horizontal tube, or the bulb may be secured to the outer end of the above tube whereby on pressing the bulb the necessary spray will be obtained. Hardware. CLAMP.M. A. REARE, LOS Angeles, Cal. This invention is an improvement in clamps, more especially designed for clamping two strips of material together in obtaining dimensions. The invention will be found especially useful in measuring rooms as in making measurements for picture-molding, base-boards, etc., and in numerous other relations. WIRE-STRETCHER.D. C. PULLINS, Con-way, Ky. The stretcher is adapted for use in constructing wire fences, either of ordinary strands of wire or of woven wire material, such as commonly used in fence construction. The drum in this stretcher may be forcibly operated to tighten the fence material, as desired, and the long and short hooks of the hook section will be found especially useful in stretching wire fabric. SKINNING-TOOL.J. C. BOYLE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This invention has reference to butchering, and the aim is to provide a skinning tool, arranged to permit of quick and accurate skinning of animals without requiring a skilled or expert knife man, and without danger of cutting the flesh or mutilating the hide. COMBINATION-TOOL.P. A. BENET, Boston, Mass. The more particular purpose in this case is the production of a device provided with a number of related parts serving different purposes, the device being of especial value in reference to boxes and other receptacles used for packing and unpacking goods. Heating and Lighting. STEAM COOKING APPARATUS.W. F. LORENTZEN, Habana, Cuba. The invention pertains to apparatus for steaming or cooking by steam sugar cane juice, or any other liquids, seeds, and other products, an object being to provide an apparatus of very large heat-radiating surface which increases the heat to a much greater degree, with an economical use of steam, than is possible with the usual steam heater. LIQUID-FUEL BURNER.J. H. KOONS, Anderson, Ind. The improvements are in burners for gas produced by the admixture of oil or denaturized alcohol, with low pressure air and high pressure air or steam, the object being the provision of a burner with which an intense heat may be obtained, and particularly adapted for use in connection with milling or blast furnaces. Household Utilities. DINING-TABLE.J. A. SCHACKNER, New York, N. Y. The object of the inventor is to provide a table having a rotatably mounted central section which may be freely moved in respect to the remaining portion, so as to avoid the necessity for passing dishes about the table, it only being necessary to place them upon the rotary section and turn the section until the dish comes within reach of the person desiring the same. APPARATUS FOR CANNING AND WASHING.H. D. CHANCE, Loveland, Col. The patentee has devised improvements that may be embodied in either machines for washing clothes or apparatus for use in canning fruits and vegetables. In connection with a vessel having means for heating coil which is to be subjected to the heat of furnace or burner, a perforated interior container is arranged and a perforated bottom ; the object of the improvement being to cause effective circulation of the water. CLOTHES - LINE BRACKET. J. D. SCHMIDT, New York, N. Y. The device is adapted to be secured adjacent to house windows and serves to support clothes lines. The object of the invention is to provide a device so arranged that the house end of a line may be drawn through a window, permitting a person to place articles on the line without leaning out of the window ; thus preventing the possible danger of a person falling. Machines and Mechanical Devices. THREAD-STRETCHING DEVICE FOR THE WARPS OF DRUM PRINTING-MACHINES. F. SCHMIDT, 7 Edisonstrasse, Oberschneweide, Germany. The method of operation is based upon the fact that owing to the braking action, a uniform loading of the roughened surfaced brake roller takes place, so that it always presents the same resistance to the thread drawn off. On drawing off the threads the above brake roller revolves and the threads have, while they are wound upon the upper surface of the roller, to overcome the uniform resistance thereof. PUMP-LUBRICATOR.H. L. MCCULLOUGH, Cropsey, 111. More especially the pump is designed for lubricating cylinders, valves, bearings and other parts of steam engines, air compressors, gas engines and other machinery, and arranged to permit minute regulation of the amount of the lubricant delivered, and to automatically relieve the pump of undue pressure incident to clogging up of the discharge passageways or the like, thus preventing injury to or stopping of the pump or waste of the lubricant. LATHE-TOOL.J. P. AYLESWORTH, Endeavor, Pa. One embodiment of the invention consists of a shank having an arm pivotally connected near the outer end thereof, the arm projecting slightly beyond the shank, where it is provided with an apertured enlargement for holding devices used in the centering operation. A suitable adjusting and a clamping screw are carried by the shank for adjusting the vertical height of the centering device and clamping the same in adjusted position. CARRIER.J. HALL, Fresno, Cal. The object of the invention is to provide a device adapted for the simultaneous conveyance of material such as grain, fruit, coal, raisins, etc., to different oppositely located points, and which is provided with a plurality of conveyers all having belts. The carrier is so constructed that if through accident one of the conveyers becomes blocked or otherwise inoperative, the material being distributed to the inoperative conveyer will be directed to an adjacent operative conveyer. Prime Movers and Their Accessories. ROTARY ENGINE.T. C. HENRY, Montgomery, La. The more particular object of the inventor is to provide a type of such engine employing a minimum number of parts, so as to reduce the loss from friction and vibration. By the arrangement employed the steam or other elastic medium is free to expand after entering the steam space, thus insuring economy in the use of steam or other elastic fluid. Railways and Their Accessories, CAR-ARRESTER. W. COOK, Broadhead, Col. The invention refers to means for spragging or arresting cars while traversing a car track, and the object is to provide a construction that may be readily placed upon a car, and afford convenient reliable means for quickly arresting a car having the improvement, while it is in motion ; and by manipulation of a lever at one side of the car body release the car for free movement on the track. AUTOMATIC TRAIN-PIPE COUPLING. R. M. FYOCK and S. STONE, Butler, Pa. By the inventors' construction it is possible either when the cars are first coupled or at any other time, to contract the gasket firmly on the tubular portion to prevent leakage, thus always insv.ring proper coupling. The shaft of the haiid wheel may extend out to the side of the car in a convenient position for manipulating the plug without necessitating entrance between the cars. SMOKE-BOX OF LOCOMOTIVE-ENGINE AND SIMILAR BOILERS.S. S. YOUNGHUS-RAND, Granville Terrace, Woodlands-road, Darlington, England. The primary purpose of the invention is to prevent accumulation of ashes in the smoke-boxes of locomotive engine and similar boilers, a further object being to diminish the risk of the hot cinders ejected from the chimney setting fire to surrounding objects. CONNECTING DEVICE FOR DISABLED RAILWAY-CARS.R. P. WILLIAMS, Santa Barbara, Cal. One of the purposes of this inventor is to provide a very simple and readily available means whereby to couple cars disabled by breakage of the couplings, or even in the event the draft timbers and drawheads are pulled out of one car, which often takes place. The coupling is effected at any point in the length of the train, avoiding need of switching the disabled car or cars to the rear of the train. Pertaining to Recreation. AMUSEMENT APPARATUS.H. E. RIBHL, New York, N. Y. The invention relates to inclined pleasure railways such as are used in exhibition grounds, parks, pleasure resorts, and the like, and its object is to provide a new and improved amusement apparatus, arranged to provide an exciting and interesting ride for the passengers. AMUSEMENT DEVICE.W. J. MILLICAN, New York, N. Y. This device embodies features of both a toboggan slide and an ordinary amusement wheel by which one is elevated a considerable distance above the surface of the ground as the wheel revolves. The car or like body will repeatedly travel through the hub of the wheel under the influence of gravity as the wheel revolves. Pertaining to Vehicles. AUTOMOBILE-CHAIR.A. L. Moss, San-dusky, Ohio. The object of the invention is to provide a chair more especially adapted for use in automobiles and similar vehicles, and arranged to permit convenient adjustment of the chair in a longitudinal direction within the body of the vehicle, to suit the convenience of the occupant. REACH-COUPLING FOR RUNNING-GEARS. G. W. LOEFFLER, Tampa, Fla. In the present patent the invention refers to improvements in running gear for vehicles and more particularly to the reach coupling means. The object of the invention is to provide a simple, cheap, and efficient means of coupling the reach and running gear and is designed as an improvement on the gear shown in the patent formerly granted to Mr. Loeffler. LOADING ATTACHMENT FOR WAGONS. E. LAUPPE, Antelope, Cal. The object of this invention is to provide a device that may be removably attached upon the rear end of a freight wagon, and afford means of utilizing horse power for loading bales of hay or other material on the wagon and thus dispense largely with manual labor for such a purpose. VEHICLE RUNNING AND PROPELLING GEAR.C. E. PHILLIPS, Bremerton, Wash. The principal feature is an endless track composed of a series of feet or devices adapted for contact with the ground or other surface for supporting the vehicle, and also effecting propulsion, such feet or bearers being flexibly connected and traveling around elongated horizontal frames of approximately oval form, the frames being arranged in pairs in front and rear beneath the vehicle body. Designs. DESIGN FOR RIBBON.E. M. CORBETT, Paterson, N. J. In this design the band of ribbon is ornamented with rather widely scattered leaves and branches of mistletoe and small Teddie bears. Mr. Corbett is also the patentee of another design for ribbon in which the ornamental feature comprises a graceful serpentine line of connected mistletoe grasped at intervals by the one hand of Teddie bears. NOTE.Copies of any of these patents will be furnished by Munn & Co. for ten cents each. Please state the name of the patentee, title of the invention, and date of this paper.