These columns are open to all patentees. The notices are Inserted by special arrangement with the inventors. Terms on application to the Advertising Department of the SCIENTIFIC Electrical Device. ELECTRICAI,LY CONTROLLED CLOCK AND TIME INTERVAL TRANSMITTER.-H. 1. Aiken, I'ort Mills, Corregidor, P. I. This invention Is particularly applicable to time interval signaling, such as time interval systems for artillery fre control, or for other analogous uses employing instruments in which absolute chronometrical accuracy, irrespective of the size, or the weight of, or the load imposed upon the controlled mechanism, is essential. Of General Interest. COMPOUND FOR TREATING STEEL.-Harry M. Lee and Fr a n k G. iQth, New London, Conn. It has been found that by using the solution of this inveftion as a hardening solution, steels can be hardened to the same degree without the necessity of previously heating the steel to an excessive amount, as has been found in the case of certain types of steels when using other hardening solutions. This solution may be also used in drawing the temper of steel, and in such a case, it is heated to the desired degree, and the steel placed therein until the temper has been drawn the desired amount. Since the patent was issued this process has been tried out in large machine shops throughout the country and it has proven highly successful. The patent has been assigned to the Steel Tempering Process Company, 27 Pine Street, New York, N. Y. ARTIFICIAL RAWHIDE LEG.-W. H. V an -orman, Auburn, N. Y. The purpose of this invention is to provide an improved ankle joint. It consists in pivoting the leg portwn on an axis longitudinal to the foot and on an axis transverse to the foot with the axes Intersecting, and with the bearings for the transverse axis resilient, together with means for limiting the movement of the leg portion on the tran,verse axis. PROCESS FOR STRENGTHENING CELLULOSE.-X. Eschalier, Rue des Fleurs, Vil-leurbanne, Rhone, France. The invention relates to a process of strengthening cellulose bodies, more particularly the depolymerized cellulose bodies in various stages of hydration, produced from solutions in the different solvents. 'rhe strengthening according to this process, is in the nature of a polymerization or a condensation; its effect being very appreciable in the dry State and especially so in the wet. HOSE COUPLING.-Henri W. PIterson, 510 West 58th Street, Seattle, Wash. This invention is an Improvement in hose and pipe connections and has for an object to provide a construction in wbich one of the coupling members will be provided with a packing arranged to be actuated by the pressure of the fuid within the coupled pipes in such manner as to render the pipe joint perfectly tight. It may be utilized in coupling air, water or other fluid bearing pipes and is such as to permit the convenient connection and disconnection of the pipes whether it be applied in connection with a hydrant, as shown in the engraving or in coupling two pipes or hose. CLEANING PAPER AND PROCESS OF PREPARING THE SAME.-J. R. Rentz, Mo-line, Ill. This invention is an improvement in a proeess of treating paper, and the object is to provide a process of this character specifed for producing a paper especialIy adapted for dry cleaning and polishing glass, or the like, without the use of extraneous matter such as soap or cleaning powders. MOLD FOR CONCRETE STRUCTURES.-J. S. Lin1'on, Chicago, Ill. The improvement provides a mold or form for making concrete structures, such as walls, columns, beams, etc., and arranged to securely hold the mold parts in position, to allow of raising the mold as the building of the structure progresses, and to temporarily support the concrete material to be used in the formation of the structure. BAG HOLDER .- P . C. McCausland, Walla Walla, Wash. ''lhe invention relates to holders for paper bags or similar articles and has reference more particularly to a device of this clasg which comprises n frallle formed into a socket adapted to receive and to hold a plurallty of hags, a back. a nd a movable keeper for releasably holding the bags against the back. NON SIFTING ENVELOP. - August P. Spitko, 216 So. West Temple Street, Salt Lake City, Utah. The object here is to provide means in connection with the envelop for closing the mouth thereof in such manner as to prevent the escape of comminuted or pul- verulent substances at the end of the flap, where in the ordinary form of envelop there is an opening betweeu the sealing flap and the back of the envelop. It is designed more especially for carrying merchandise. The envelop illustrated herewith has a sealing flap whose inner portion is a double ply. while its outer is a single ply, and the flap folds by folding the single ply onto the double and then folding the single and the dOUble ply onto the envelop. DETONATOR.-R. A. Moore, Portsmouth, Ohio. In the patent the invention has reference to an improvement in detonators, and the object is to provide means on the end of a cane which can be operated by bringing the cane down upon the ground forcibly, whereby an explosive tape will be fed and exploded. FLUI STOP.-J. Armstrong, Alvo, Neb. The invention in this instance has for an object to provide a flue stop for securing a flue cap to a flue hole, to prevent dust, smoke, or soot from passing through the flue hole into a room. For this purpose use is made of pivot-ally connected bars having lateral flanges thereon and adapted to be removably engaged by a holding screw connected with a flue cap. GATE.-Edwin Co w e ll , 989 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, N. Y. This invention provIdes a gate for stopping runaways on bridges, roadways, and the like without InjurIng the runaway in the act of stopping the same. For this purpose, use is made of a frame preferably adapted to swing on a post and having an extensible baIe mounted thereon, adjusting rollers being connected with the baIe to normally adjust the same after the baIe has been extended, and the lower side of the frame being preferably padded to ease the force of impact of the runaway against the gate. The device is shown In the perspective illustration in operative position. Prominent authorities on veterinary matters have indorsed its practicability, among them Dr. William Sheppard, a member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, London. Hardware and Too]s. EARTH BORING AUGER CUTTER HEAD. -Po A. BouchIt, Merced, Cal. The head has a cutting blade shaped and arranged to form a small centering bore in advauce of the main bore. Tbe invention also provides in connection with a cutting blade adapted to form the main bore, a second blade whereby the cuttings from the main blade are broken into srr'aller particles for the freer delivery from the bored hole ; and provides means for dividing and guiding the washing water delivered to the bottom of the bored hole between the .blades to elevate the cuttings from thc hottom of the bored hole. FLOOR HINGE.—O. Ka'l'zInbeRger, Chicago, Ill. Hinges of the type ordinarily having torsional springs that will not stand for any considerable tim<' the strains to whldl they are subjected are improved by the floor hinge of the present invention, which providp, a vertically·movable bolt actuated by the hinge July Q9, WI SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN l07 cam and forced by the cam to return the closure to closed position by a resilient compression spring, in this manner producing a strong and compact hinge structure. COMBINED HAMES AND COLIAR.-Charley SiekeR, Waco, Neb. Mr. Sieker's in"ention provides a uniform combined collar and hames whereby to dispense with the nsual collar and hames, which may be adjusted for different sized necks, and which when in use will prevent soreness and chafing, equalize and fairly distribute the draft, and which may be COMBINED HAMES AND COLLAR. easily placed and removed, The illustration shows the improvement in the position it will occupy when in use, and to remove it, it is only necessary to release the free end of a strap from a buckle. This free end may be now withdrawn from a loop and a ring, when the improvement may be moved from the horse's neck, No injurious strain is brought to bear in any part, the draft being equalized, spraying nozzle.-g, l. Glaser, New York, n y, This nozzle is for use in the uniform and economical distribution of water in the form of light or heavy sprays for irrigation, or for spraying water, insecticides, and other liquids for agricultural and horticultural purposes, also for the equal and economical distribution of water and other liquids for fire extinguishmelt, aud for other purposes where the spray may be advantageously used or applied. HO'SE clamp.-Harold I Francis, 474 Salmon Street, Portland, Ore. Among the principal objects which the present invention has in view are: To provide an apparatus constructed and arranged to provide a level for contracting the holding loop; to provide an expansible and contractible hose holding loop with means connected therewith for exrJ'ting the necessary contracting pressure; and HOSE CLAMP. to provide means for contracting the clamp and automatically locking the same in contracted position. The engraving shows a side view of a clamp constructed and arranged in accordance with the invention, shown in conjunction with a pipe hose section, and in locked relation thereto. CLAMPING DEVICE.-David D. Thompson, care of Faber Bros., Fort Pierce, Fla. This invention is illustrated herewith and shows the device in the act of holding a door in an upright position. It relates more CLAlPING DEVICE. particularly to devices which are adapted to be nsed for holding objects, snch as doors, blinds, or the Iik'e, in a vertical position so that their edges may be planed or fitted with hinges, and comprising jaw members adapted to be moved into engagement with the sides of an object to hold the latter in position. The device in use enables the operator to have both hands free for planing or performing other work on the object so secured. LOCK.-H. Matheson, New York, N. Y. This invention has foJ' its object the provision of I device which will be simple in construction, easily adjusted, and with certain parts symmetrically positioned, whereby a portion of the lock can be reversed. It does away with the necessity of having dUerently beveled lugs for differently swinging doors, by having the face plate beveled and removable, and the openings therein located symmetrically. Machines and Ie(,hanical Devices. STONE SA WING MACHINE.-Henry Q. Mauri no, Albuquerque, New Mex. This invcntion relates to sawing stone and the machine is shown in sectional side view in the illustration. The object is to provide a device for sawing stone, such as marble and the like. For this purpose use is made of a main frame, an auxiliary frame adapted to move vertically, and mounted on the main frame, an auxiliary frame adapted to move horizontally and mounted on the first auxiliary frame, means for moving the vertical frame, means for moving the horizontal frame,' rollers on the horizontal frame, and a chain of saws mounted to turn on the rollers, and adapted to saw stone. PACKAGING MACHINE.-M. F. Anderson, New York, N. Y. In this instance the object of the invention is to provide a new and improved packaging machine, more especially designed for packaging rolls of oilcloth, wal! paper and the like, in a very simple manner, in compact form and in a comparatively short time, each package containing a number of rolls. AUTOMATIC LIFE PRESERVER.-Edward W. Miller, Merrick, N. Y. The invention pictured in the accompanying engraving relates to an automatic life preserver of a type adapted to automatically expand when the wearer falls or enters the water, so as to buoy him np and prevent his sinking.. The device can be worn at all times when a person is in a boat, or in danger of falling into the water. It is out of sight and unobtrusive when not in actual use, and will immediately expand when the wearer goes into the water, so as to form a buoyant support which will prevent him from sinking, by means of a gas genera ted on entering the water, which is collected in a substantially fluid-tight envelope. CAMERA EXPOSURE INDICATOR.-C. G. Ives, Norwalk, Conn. This invention provides an attachment to the camera whereby an indicator will denote that a film has been exposed when the shutter is operated. Use is made of an indicator for antomatically indieating an exposure when the shutter lever is operated and a connection between the indicator and the film winding mechanism of the camera whereby the indicator is returned to normal position when the exposed film is wound on the winding mechanism. ELEVATOR.-R. E. Snowden, Snowden, N. C. Pivoted buckets carried by belt members, are provided by this invention, the bnckets being free to swing through the belt members and there being means to move the buckets relatively to the belt members. Another object is to provide wheelS, having spokes with seats for engaging and directing the belt membelS. Another is to provide the spokes with members for engaging the buckets and holdiug them in position relatively to the belt members. MEANS FOR PRIMING CENTRFIFUGAL PUMPS.-L. Desmarais, 10 Rue du Banquier, Paris, France. 'he priming of a centrifugal pump by using the ail suction of one or several cylinders of the motor serving to drive the pump, is effected in this invention. The invention applies to any pnmp-installation, fixed or movable, operated by a motor whatever be its system, steam, cCupressed air or other, provided that one of the elements of any kind of this motor normally taking part In its working, can be utilized momentaril y as suc-. tion pump for the priming of the operated pump which being a centrifugal pnmp, can only suck when it is primed. DEVICE FOR CARVING AND GAINING.-R. G. Guptill, Ravia, Okla. The object here is to provide means by which the carving or gaining can be done by machinery without necessitating the use of saw, hammel', chisel or bit and brace. A fnrther object of the invention consists in the provision of the device by which stair strips may he gained ana which will permit the movement of the stair strip in any direction thereby facilitating the operation. SUGAR WASHING MACHINE.-A. Pr,ecIIer and F. Kaspar, Las Animas, Col. An object of this invention is to provide a device which will automatically wash a charge of sugar, and when sufficient water has been supplied wiI! shut off the supply. A further object is to provide a re'procating washing device, the movement of which is accomplished by means of the water, which is used in the sprinkling operation. SAFETY SPRING BARREL.-R. L. Marshall, Elizabethtown, Ky. An object here is to provide a spring barrel for a' watch, disposed upon a solid arbor which extends through the entire length of the barrel, thereby insuring stability. A further object is to provide a device in which the size of the jewel holes are reduced, thereby lessening friction, withont sacrificing stability. RECIPROCATING AND ROTARY PRESS.-Ja::s D. McClelland, J;., 40 West 6th Street, Mount Ve!non, N . Y. ThiS ' : :enti;n relates to a machine drill, which can be used either as a drill press for performing drilling operations on the work or as a reciprocating press, for performing such operations as form- ing mortise and tenon joints, key-seating, face-planing, or the like. A further object is to provide a machine tool which can be readily changed so as to operate either as a drill press or a recipl'ocating press, by connecting one or the other vortion thereof in driving relation with the main drive. The accorpanying illustration shows the press in a side view. REGISTERING DEVICE FOR TYPE WHITERS.-H. P. Harmon, Kalispell, Mont. 'he invention is an implOVelllent in rcgistering devices for tYIwwriters, and the object is the provision of a simple, compact, and accurate registering device for attachment to any approved form of typewriter, which will correctly register the number of words written, and which may be easily attached and detached. FLYING MACHINE.-A. H. Fltiedel, Baltimore, Md. One of the objects in this case is an improved construction of flying machine embodying extensible controlling devices in the nature of slides or curtains which may be opened 01 stretched at the will of the aero· nant for the purpose of steering to the right or left, or for overcoming the momentum of the apparatns. APPARATUS FOR CONDENSING FIBRO'LS MATERIALS lHEPAHA'ORY TO SPIN;ING. -B. Bohle, Werdau, Germany. The invention has for its object a roving machine espedally designed for treating tow waste and other difficult materials, comprising a film divider and condenser, and characterized by the provision of special means for preventing the films from becoming wonnd around the edges of the dividing bands or adhering to the same. l'rlmc TTTiM'fr* and Tli?lr Aecepftorfett. INDICATOR FOR SPAnK :LU;S'—A. :. Lamberson, Albany, N. Y. rn this invention the improvement relates to indicators for spark plugs, the more particular purpose being to provide an indicator having g(nerally the form! of a testing tube into which the operator may look in order to ascertain the electrical candition of a spark plug to which the indicator is applied. ROTARY ENGINE.-J. M. Foy, Palatka, Fla. The object of this inventor is to provide an internal combustion, rotary engine which is compact in form, and can be exactly governed, in which the exploded charges are thoroughly scavenged from the cylinders, in which the exhaust gases are to a large extent carried off from the vicinity of the engine, and by means of which any desired number of explosive cylinders can be combined in one prime mover. STEAM BOILER.-Nicholas A. Uren, Jr” care of Arlington Hotel, Seattle, Wash. The invention illustrated herewith provides for a boiler a supporting structure formed of water circulating tubes connected with the boiler drnm; provides for a boiler of the drum type a fire box, the side and head walls of which are formed in part by water circulating tubes connected with said boiler; provides a sup- Porting strUCture for the drum boiler so as to avoid lateral extension of the fire box; provides a water circulating system embodying circulating manifolds ; provides a connecting pipe between said manirolds to halance water supply thereto; and provides a supporting structure for the drum boiler constructed from tubes ha ving screw threaded connections by the manipulation of which the horizontal arrangement of the boiler may be varied. Pertaining to Vehicles. AUTOMOBILE TORPEDO'.-A. E. Jones, Fiume, Austria·Hungary. The object here is a percnssion mechanism or pistol for automobile t(f'pedo(s. The in ven tion aims more particularly at permitting of th” release of the striker no matter at what angle the torpedo strikes its mark, while at the same time a voiding any incorrect operation and the cocking of the striker before and during firing and so long as the torpedo is in proximity to the vessel from which it is launched. FLEXIBLE ME'ALLIC TIRE.-William C. Nicholson, Crown Point, Ind. A flexible tire for antomobile or other wheels is pictured in the accompanying engraving. The invention is designed to take the place of pneumatic tires now in conUon use, and to provide one made largely of metal which will have resiliency and durability, but not be subject to the annoyance of puncture and other inconveniences al'i8ing froIn use of pneumatic tires. The tire has sections, each being movable against springs so that as the wheel is rotated, the load comeS successively upon the separate sections which give slightly, in the manner of the pneumatic tire. Rail,ays and Their Accessories. RAIL JOrXT.-G. r. Davis, P. O. Box 116, Altheimer, Ark. ThJs invrntion is an improvement in rail joints and has for an object to provide a construction whereby to support the rails at the joints as thoroughly and efficiently as they are supported at other points with a special view to overcome the difficulties resulting from low jOints incident to the ordinary rail joint now in common use. Designs. DESIGN FOR A PENCU, DISPLAY STAND.-\V. H. Dalto], West Hoboken, N. J. In this ornamental design for a pencil stand. the stand comprises a flat base of curved outline on which are placed the four perforated uprights that hold the pencils. A center piccc cnlminating on a point caps the stand and producing an attractive design. Note.-Copies of any of these patents will be furnished by the Scientific American for ten cents each. Please state the name of tbe patentee, title of the invention, and date of this paper.