These columns are open to all patentees. The notices are inserted by special arrangement with the inventors. Terms on application to the Advertising Department of the Scientific A1IericaK. Pertaining to Apparel. GARMENT lORM.-E. T. Palmenblcrg, New York, N. Y, and F. W. KreuscR, Bay-onne, N. J. In this form the arm pieces can be readily removed for fitting purposes, at the same time showing a correct armhole ou.-line. The arm pieces are provided with arm-hole pattellls, of which one has a tongue for engagemeut with a keeper on the other patteill, to removably connect the arm piece with the shoulder. SHOE SHINE PROTECTOR.-R. B. Luther, Pipestone, Minn. The purpose here is to provide a novel one-piece self-closing protector which will cover the hose adjacent to the shoes while the latter are being cleaned, polished or sliined, thus preventing the soiling of the hose. The protector may be used for both low and high shoes. Of General Interest. LIFE PR,E,sERVER-J. Strobel, New York, N. Y. The main feature of this invention involves the automatic closing of a normally open air inlet valve by the securing of the life belt in position upon the person. The belt is mechanically distended when being strapped on, and this distension draws air into the air chamber, and then automatically closes the air inlet valve, to prevent the escape of the air or the entrance of water. McTAL FRAME JR GLASS PANEK-A. RUHRIG, New York, N. Y. The object of the present invention is to HO join the bars that no unfilled openings or protuberances will be presented' at the points of intersection in the fnished frame, producing an interlocked frame structure of relatively high strength. The invention is an improved metal frame for glass of the c'laracter disdosed itl Letters Patent No. 912,611 formerly granted to Mr. Busse. PROCESS 01 REl'INING AND DESILVER-ING LEAD.-G. P. HUls'£, Omaha, Neb. This improvement relates to refining and de-silvering by the crystallization process. The aim is to provide a method for refining and desilverizing lead bullion and impure lead, and whereby the number of crystallizing operations is reduced to a minimum for the proper production of high grade bullion or metal running five hundred to six hundred ounces silver and a market lead. OAR LOCK. -F. D. Starin, Whitewater, Wis. The object of this inventor is to provide a device to permit of oar lock adjustment to counteract the effects produced by wear. Another object is to provide a device of simple and serviceable construction, inexpensive to manufacture, which is adjustable so as to render the oar locks practically n01seless while in operation and also to overcome lost motion occasioned through wear. NON-R'EFILLABLI B O T T L E .. -S. O. S'£anich, Anaconda, Mont. In this case if any a ttcmpt is made to force a liquid down into the bottle the pressure will cause the thin glass strip which holds a valve and ball to break, thereby permitting the valve to scat against a valve seat While the ball will roll to the bottom of a conduit, breaking a thin glass partition and will seat itself on another valve seat, which prevents any liquid from the outside from entering the bottle. A'ACHMENT FOR SUIT CASES AND THE LIKE.-L. Spiro, Clarksburg, W. Va. An obj(ct here is 1.0 provide a device by means of which that portion of the suit case upon which the lock is situated may be effectually braced, so that when the lock is sprung together it may have a resisting part which prevents the bending of the side of the case and, hence, the failure of the lock to wOlrk. CUTTER FOR WELL CASINGS,-H Mead, Coalinga, Cal. Mr. Mead's invention is a cutter Lor usc in removing the casings of oil wells and the like when for any reason the whole string of tubing constituting the casing cannot be pulled. It comprises a supporting head in which is mounted a sedes of cutter wheels and cutter knives, the number of wheels being equal to the number of the knives in each case, and all the knives and disks being located in the same transverse plane. SHIP OR VESSEL.-G. E. Elia, H6tel de Crillon, Place de la Concorde, Paris, lrance. This invention relates to ships or vessels and is particularly applicable for use In connection with vessels employed in naval warfare, the object being to preserve the stability of the same in the event of their being subjected to the effects of a submarine explosion. This application is a divisional application of one fled formerly by Mr. Elia, the serial number of which is 568,304. Heating and Lighting. GAS GENERATOR.-C. F. Rukes, Kansas City, Mo. '1he hopper in this generator is filled with carbid, and the casing is supplied with water. 'henevcl tlw gas in the casing doeK not exert snfl'ien t prpi:sUl(, to push the dIaphragm outwardly, the free end of the switch lever falls between contact bars and closes the circuit, thus energizing the magnets. Means provide for shaking off some carbid into the water, which generates pressure and opens the circuit. Means are also provided for preventing any great amount of carbid from leaving the hopper. Thus the operation is entirely automatic and a practically constant pressure of gas is maintained. Household Utilities. COMBINATION COV E R AND DISH DRAINER.--H. Greason, Ridgewood, N. J. The object in this instance is to provide a n(w and improved combination covel and drainer, more especially designed for use on wash tubs located along the sink. or a similar receptacle, the device being arranged to permit its use as a cover for the wash tub or as a drainer for the dishes. CLOTH FOLDER FOR IRONING.-II. C. Hand and 1 1 Grab, Cresco, Iowa. This device is for use in folding the edges of cloth, strips, or ribbons when being ironed or pressed. The device will operate to fold the edges of the cloth, and also to form a seat .for the edge of tbe iron, enabling the device to be guided in its movement along the strip, cloth, or ribbon. CLOTHES LINE CkMI'.-W. C. Lea, ehickasha, Okla. The object here is to provide a device which may be easily placed and removed, and which may be locked on the line with or without clothes thereon, and which may be easily and cheaply constructed. When not in nse the clamp may be clamped on the line or may be removed if desired. When clamped on the line, the clamp is retained frmly in position and cannot become loose. Macbine . and lUedlanical Device .. DISSOLVING VIEW APP A R A TUS. -- H. Krieger, New York, N. Y. ''his invention has reference to optics, and its aim is to provide a dissolving view apparatus, arranged with a single source of light and one lamp casing, thus simplifying the construction of the apparatus and requiring less adjustment and attention on the part of the operator. DRILLING DEVICE.-R. R. Sanderson, Orrville, Ohio. An object of this inventor is to provide a device of the walking beam type in which the rapidity of the operations of the drill rod may be considera bly increased without sacrificing its effectiveness in any particular, tiereby rendering the machine capable of doing more work in a given time than the ordinary drilling device. ROCK DHILL ]KING AND SHAHPENING MACIIINE.-M. McHale, Phoenix, British Columbia, Canada. This inventiou provides means for shaping through successive operations the heads of drills as desired to provide means for varying the dies for forming the said heads ; provides a sharpening and setting mechanism which may be rapidly and easily varied as to size and design; provides a battery of guiding members to operate in conjunction ;and unison with the sharpening and setting devices carried. by the sharpening mechanism; and provides a machine with an adjustable anvil having a plurality of pockets to hold drills of varying lengths. VENDING lACHINE.-C. J. PfoI l, San Jose, Cal. This machine is for use in dispensing small vest account books or the like, which upon the insertion of a specified coin will deliver a single book, and ,herein an efficient means is provided for preventing its operation without the insertion of the proper coin, and wherein thE' coin is utilized to restrain the operation of the said means. FOLDER FOR SEWING MACHINES-C. E. McLin and J. S. Bachman, Rome, Ga. '1'he machine provides a folder suitable for folding cloth in making back bands. '1'he inn'ntion comprehends an improved type of mandrel made in two massive parts detachably connected together and so formed that wlwn a piece of suitable material is guided through this mandrel, the material is folded prop<'rly to be sewn by tbe machine and thus made into a back band. FHICTION CLUTCH.-F. D. Ogdin, Boston, Mass. An object of this invlntion is to provide a device extremely sensitive in its operation and unaffected by oil. . Iso to provide a plurality of members adapi<'d to be driven one from the other, one of said members having a plurality of spring coutact members adapted to be forced into engagement with a clutch face on the other member. DUST PROOF STEM AND SLEEVE.-D. W. Shepherd, Pocatello, Idaho, This improvement refers to open face watches, and its purpose is the provision of a new means for rendering the watch case dUet-proof at the stem, to allow convenient adjustment of the stem for winding and setting purposes, and without danger of end shake or breaking. PROPORTIONING WEIGHING MACHINE. -R. ] Cardwell and J. B. Tholen, Terrell, Texas. This invention provides a phirality of measuring mechanisms arranged to automatically suspend the delivery of material thereto; provides an electrically-operated means for dumping one or more of said mpchanisrs simultaneously; and provides nH'uns whPl'eby the number and combiuation of tlie wPighing apparatuses llay be l'egulated and controlled. September :s, 1911 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN 283 ''YPE Wl'.El AT''ACHMENT.-J. B. Vidal, New York, N. Y. This invention rebltes to an attachment whereby the operator is aided in operating the typewriter by the tonch “system.” A further object is to provide a frame which will divide the various ,rows of keys into aisles by means of suitable partitions, and which will further sub-divide the aisles into tiers by means of stops, whereby the operator's hands are automatically pointed to their position relative to the keys of the typewriter. MAGIC LANTERN.-ARtuRo Paoli, South Range, Mich. This invention Is an improvement in magic lanterns and a front view of it is shown in the accompanying engraving. The object of the invention is to provide a simple and easily operated mechanism for shifting the picture slides in devices of the character specified, and in such manner that th.. pictures will merge into one another without any abrupt demarcation between them. As shown In th” illustration, the device extends upon both sides of the projector, so that there is space for a slide in front of the projector and space for a slide on each side of the projector. A magazine is provided for use in receiving the used slides and for temporarily storing them. AIRSHIP.--. M. Crerar, Dilworth, Minn. Mr. Crepar's invention pertains to airships, and its object is to provide one with a plane, the sides of which converge rapidly at its forward end, said sides converging slowly toward the rf'ar, thereby forming au elongated tail, making the plane substantially fish-shape. Another of the objects is to provide two planes, one disposed above the other, there being central openings in each 1£ the planes, and a series of vanes being disposed in each of the said openings. WHEEL TURNING DEVICE.-William Cushing, Claysville, Washington County, Pa. In the present pat,mt the invention has reference to turning, and has for an object the provision of a wheel turning device for tnrning fat or crown surfaces on the peripheries of WHEEL TURNING DEVICE. wheels too la,,e to be mounted on a lathe. For the purpose mentioned use is made of a bed provided with a straight track and a curved track, a tool carriage mounted to operate on the tracks, and means for operating the carriage over either of the tracks. The illustration gives a plan view with parts broken away to disclose the carriages operating over the curved track. MOTOR CONTROL APPARATUS.-D. Wald, O. C. Britsch, and M. Taigman, New York, N. Y. This apparatus may be used in connection with any suitable mechanism, but is especially adapted to be applied to a power sewing machine. The motor control will sinultane-ously throw the switch with the movement of the control arm, so as to prevent the sparking on the resistance contacts, thus increasin; the life of the latter. SWEEPING MACHINE . .L. B. Hooker, San Francisco, Cal. The aim in this case is to provide a machine having means by which the rotary brush may be adjusted to any one of a plurality of positions relatively to the frame, with means by which the driving mechanism, supported by the frame, may be quickly adjusted for operating the rotary brush after it has been adjusted. ELEVATOR.-F. SchwaRz, Berne, Ind. This elevator bas a counter weight. the cage or elevator platform being provided with a windlass adapted to wind a heavy balance chain secured to the counter weight so that the excess weight of the chain may be shifted from the cage or elevator to the counter weight and back again as may be desired. STEAM TRAP.-G. Keisling. Scranton, Pa. This Improvement comprehends particularly a trap having a shifting weight of improved construction arranged in connection with a reservoir for the purpose of facilitating the step of tlltlng the reservoir and of preventing Its reo turn to normal position until all of the wa tef of condensation is discharged, the retul"ll of the reservoir then being effected by the restoration of the weight, under control of gravity, to its normal position. INSTRUMENT FOR USE IN NAVIGATION. Ove B. Sanders, · Key West, Fla. 'J'his inl'ention relates to a new and improved instru- INSTRUMENT lfOR USE IN NAVIGATION. ment for use in navigation, whereby the true course is determined from the compass course in the shortest possible space of time, by mechanically allowing for the deviation and variation. An object of the inventor is to pro- VEICAL SECTION OF INSTRVlEN'. vide an instrument with a plurality of relati vely adjustable circular graduations whereby the various deviations and variations may be allowed for. 'he invention is fully illustrated in the accompanying engravings. 'lhe large one is a top plan view and the other a vertical section of the line 2-2. It is Inexpensive to manufacture, readily accessible, and easily operated. check con'roi.led s'amping maCHINE.-P. Lamber', New York, n. Y. This device on the insertion of the proper amount of change vill impress on an article of mail matter a serial number, the hour and date of mailing, the station Or box mailed at, and an inscription stating that the required amount of postage has been paid; Whereby a great saving in the handling of letters, and the number of clerks necessary to sell stamps, will be accomplished, and further, whereby any pilfering of the postage money or of let1'rs themselves will be Immediately detected. PriIne Movers and Their Acce"sories, packing for piston rods.-j. A. Bolch, New York. N. y. among the principal objects in view here are: to provide a packing for piston rods universally contractible to preserve the parallel relation of the bearing surface to the piston rod; and to provide an elongated packing for piston rods constructed from metal and arranged to contract evenly throughout Its length upon the rod. gas turbine.-p. Krause, Babylon, n. Y. This invention relates to certain improvements in turbines and more particularly to that type of turbine in which an explosive mixture is ignited in a separate chamber and admitted to the blades of the turbine. One of the important features is the means employed for controlling the explosive mixture and the deliverance of the same to the blades of the turbine. internal combustion gas-turbine engine.-e. Atwell, Baltimore, Md. This invention provides an engine wherein the explosive mixture is primarily compressed and exploded while so ; provides an explosion chamber wherein Is exploded the compressed charge of explosive mixture while establishing communication between the said chamber and the turbine rotor; provides a reciprocating mechanism for compressing and firing the mixture as distinguished from the turbine mecbanism; and provides an engine employing in mutual operative relation a reciprocating explosion chamber and a turbine shaft driving rotor. explosive engine.—>w. w. Wells, Clyde, Ohio. In the present patent the invention is an improvement in multiple-cylinder engines, particularly engines in which the cylinders are arranged in pairs and are co-operative with each other in the introduction of scavenging air preparatory to the admission of the explosive charge. internal combustion engInE.-a. l. ClJ m ent, New York, n. Y. This invention provides sliding valves arranged and constructed to avoid leakage of gas due to wear of the sliding parts; provides a simplified construction for valves whereby expansion pressure is relieved therefrom during movement thereof; and provides a valve operating mechanism embodying a single cam and simplified transmission mechanism connected therewith. ROTARY ENHINE.-HenrY Heyen, New York, N. Y. This invention refers more particularly to an engine comprising a stator casing, a rotor in the casing, a steanl chest, a movable steam duct therein adapted to bl' arranged in diff,rent positions to direct the fluid under pressure into tbe casing in different directions, and vanes carried by the rotor and adapted to receive the fluid at opposite sides, according to the position of the steam duct. TRACTION ENGINE.-D. O. DeWl'rt, Aberdeen, S. D. The objects here are to provide a traction engine which may be operated with a mllllmum of power, especially over soft ground; to simplify the construction by curtailing parts usually employed in the running gear; to provide facilities for steering and piloting the machine over uneven and soH grounds with freedom, by a single operator, and to dispense with the differential gear used in machines of the class to which the inventIOn belongs. RaHways and Their Acc""sori” . , TRACK MOVING MACHINE.-E. L Hay-ward, Davenport, Iowa. In this patent the invention has reference to improvements in means or appura tus employed in handling steel and ties in track construction. The intention here is to provide means or apparatus for usc especially in timber lands, whereby the handling and transportation of track material is facilitated. METALLIC TIE AND RAIL FASTENING DEVICE.-J. F. Robinson, Atlanta, Ga. An object of tbis inventor is to provide a tie which shall form a resilient bearing surface, thereby absorbing shocks. The tie will prevent the spreading of the rails and the accidents consequent thereto. A spring rail fastening device is provided which holds the rail in fixed position, thereby doing away with the usual method of fastening rails by spikes. RAILROAD CROSSING.-J. B. DUNLAP, Tulsa, Okla. An object in this instance is to provide a crossing which obviates the usual jars incident to the passage of a train over the crossing. This is accomplished by providing movable track sections, which may be so nioved as to complete the track in either direction, so. that the tread of the wheels may move on a continuous bearing surface. O'PEN SWITCH SIGNAL.-George H. Ihce, Office Quartermaster's Dept., U. S. Army, Honolulu, lIawail. This Invention has reference to a rneans of warning an engineer that he is approaching an open switch (about a quarter of a mile off), so that he may be prepared and have his train under perfect control. The object of the invention is to provide a device which will be simple in con- struction, positive in its action, and which I will have the fewest parts consistent with I accurate working, and which at the same time will be strong and durable. 'Lhe engraving shows the signal a ttached to the Cngine and a tripping mechanism attached to the track. Means provide for making the signal-sounding mechanism inoperative when desired. CAR WHEEL FLANGE LUBRICATOR.-J. E. Feeney, Monterey, Mexico. The invention relates to an automatic car wheel lubricator, and provides a device which will positively supply a lubricant to the flanges of the car wheels when they are rounding curves, to prevent friction between the car wheel flanges and the rails, the lubricant being fed instantaneously, and in sufficient quantities. Pertaining to Recreation. MCYrOR CYCLE TANDEM ATTACHMENT. -W. F. Bracher, San .ose, Cal. The object of the invention is to provide an attachment by means of which the ordinary single passenger motor cycle may be converted into a two-passenger vehicle with the seats tandem without any changes in the structure of the vehicle itself. The attachment is simple and inexpensive and easily attached and detached. No change is necessary in the construction of the cycle. TROLLING HOOK.-J. P. Telford, Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada. The invention relates generally to trolling hooks for fishing, and the principal purpose is to provide a hook having the spoon or hait revolubly mounted thereon so that when in the water the spoon or bait will be attractive to the fish, the spoon being revolved as the hook is drawn through the water. TOY.-M. A. Bur n e, University, Va. In this invention the improvement is in toys, and its- object is the provision of a simple, cheaply constructed toy, especially designed to afford amusement, while at the same time developing quickness of observation, and dextl)rlty of hand. A net catches the gallle piece, when the operator fails to properly place the piece, and an opening permits the said piece to lJe retnmed readily to the shank. PertainIng to Vebicles. WAGON BOX FASTENER.-H. Eo Hart. Broken Arrow, Okla. The purpose of this improvement is to provide a simple, inexpensive and easily operated device for llse in holding the parts of the box together, withou t injuring the same, which may be quickly applied or removed. Tbe device consists essentially of a pair of telescoping members or bars, each ha ving a clamping jaw at its outer end, co-operating with the jaw of the other member, and a clamp for holding the members in adjusted position. AUTOMOBILE AIR PUMP. - A. M. ClJment” New York, N. Y. 'he invention provides u pumping mechanism operatively attached to the driving axle of an automobile for inflating the tires of the whee].s not directly connected with the pumping .mechanism ; provides lllans ior manually operating the pumping mechanism independent of the wheel and power-driving mechanism of the automobile; plvides means for utilizing the wheel of the automobile with which the pumping mechanism is connected as a fly wheel for the pump when the same is manually opera ted; and provides means for rigging a drum on an automobile driving wheel to gyrate about the axle when carried thereby to inflate tbe tire of the wheel on which it is mounted. SIGN HOLDING DJVICE.-W. A. Rindge . 10-22 Ionia Street, Grand Rapids, Mich. In this instance the inY(ntion pertains to dpvices for holding signs, more particularly those that are to be used to display the license nUIbel of automobiles. An object is to provide a device by means of which a sign may be held rigidly in position so that there will be no danger of the sign's becoming loose and dropping from the vehicle. WIND SHIELD.-J. H. SpraguE, Norwalk, Ohio. This invention refers to shields adapted for use upon motor vehicles, and more particularly to that type of shield which has a transparent section, movable to operative or inoper>\tive position. One important feature includes the use of rollers within the hinge, and ftting in V-shaped grooves for locking the sections of the shield in predetermined relationship. TAXIMETER CONTROL.--J. D. Sulsona, New York, N. Y. In this case the invention refers to a new and improved attachment for taxicabs, whereby the taximeter may be controlled so that the chauffeur cannot conveniently operate the taxicab without recording the distance traveled when the taxicab is occupied by a passenger. SPRING WHEEL.-O. H. Hinds;, Le Mars, Iowa. This inventor provides a novel construction of spring wheel in which the In teral rigidity incident to or characteristic of the ordinary automobile wheel will not be impaired and in which springs may be utilized to secnre the desired resiliency of the wheel in a radial direction in a simple and efficient manner. TlRE.-O. H. Hinds_, Le Mars, Iowa. In this patent the invention is an improvement in tires and particularly in the means for excluding dust, dirt and the like from the joint between the flanges from the rim and the tir( which is movable radially in said flanges, the present application being a division of an applica tion formerly filed by Mr. Hinds. STEERING WHEEL FOR AUTOVEHICLES. -W. P. Fest, Jr.o Buffalo, N. Y. The rim of this wheel is divided transversely so that it is formed practically in halves, or nearly equal semicular sections, one of which is fast on the steering shaH and the other hinged and thus adapted to be raised and folded back upon the fixed section so that it will not obstruct the chanffeur in entering and leaving his seat. VEHICLE ' VHEEL.-A. BrookeR, Lancaster, Wis. The invention relates to improvements in antomobile wheels, and particularly to the tire therefor, whereby an increased durable resiliency is obtained. An object is to provide a tire composed of a plurality of resilient melll-bers, preferably of a metallic nature, spaced apart and connected together to form a continuous resilient element. Desi:ns. DESIGN FOR A GLASS HOB LET OR SIMILAR ARTICLE. - C. O. Northwood, White Mills, Pa. In tbis ornamental design of a glass goblet, the article is of the elongated type of body and stem, the whole set in a somewhat flat stand. The flowers, leaves and tendrils decorating the glass are of peculiar interest and beauty. Mr. Northwood has another design which is very much broader and shorter than the one described, and set upon a very short stem, the ornamental feature being at the rim and extending about one-third down the hmgth of the howl shaped body. Note.-·Copies of any of these patents will be furnished by the Scie)tH'ic AmFrican fo!” ten cents each. Please state the name of the patentee, title of the invention, and date of this paper. 284 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN September 23, 191 1