PARASOL AND UMBRELLA COVER.—J. W. LEWIS, 124 Lower Terrace, San Francisco, Cai. 'he object here is to provide an umbrella, parasol or like article with Interchangeable covers, so that with a single frame a number of covers with diterent color or material may be used, and so that the life of the umbrella may be prolonged indefinitely by replacing the covers when worn. ASH HOLDER FOR CIGARS.—CHARLES F. HOOFER, 324 Chemical Block, Spokane, Wash. 'rhe object of the invention is to provide what may be termed a clip-cap safety cigar smoker; and the intention is to provide a cap adapted to fit and be self· retaining on the burning end ASH HOLDER FOR CIGARS. of a cigar and to retain the ashes and prevent the same from falling while the cigar is being smoked or held in the hand. The safety cap is foraminous to afford passage of air and is preferably made with a screen body of fine mesh wire or other material in the form of a cone and the inner or butt end of the cap is adapted' to grip v Inwardly upon a cigar. A perspective view of the invention is shown in the engraving. .ELECTRIC ELEVATOR BRAKE.-VOLNEY W. MASON, Providence, R. 1. The larger illustration shows the application of the brake to the right and left driving shaft of the electric motor on which are two worms, which mesh into two worm gears on the hoisting drum shafts. On the extreme left is the square frame supporting the rheostat for varying the strength of the electric starter. 'he driving shaft Is coupled directly to the motor shaft by a flanged coupling which also forms a brake pull y. The brake arms are suspended at their upper ends from a stud supported upon an inverted V·shaped frame rigidly attached to the base block. The brake arms extend downward below the brake pull y in a straight line, in which are longitudinal slots. The transverse horizontal operating brake lever is pivoted to a stud stand In the space between end portions of the brake arms as shown in the small illustration, and carries friction rollers on the two stud bolts shown on each side of the central stand, which are free to move vertically within the slots. The left nd of the lever Is attached to the lower end of a solenoid operating vertically within an electro·magne1. the ,latter being shown with its connecting wires to the right of the hoisting drum in the large illustration. In the diagram view the operating lever is shown drawn up by the solenoid of the electro· mag- net In thIs position while the curreut is on, which holds the brake arms as wel! as their brake surfaces apart away from the brake pulley. 'hen the operator in tbe elevator breaks the circuit by the usual switch the solenoid drops also the operating lever b. its weight and an adjustable weight attached thereto, bringing the lever into an inclined position (shown by th dotted line) which causes the brake arms to clamp the brake pulley and stop movement of the motor shaft as well as that of the elevator. The general construction of the frame (in tbe large engraving) embodies means of adjustment not usually found in machinery of this class, all the parts being very accessible and convenient in erection or removal in case of repairs. Hard,are and Tools. PLATE LIFTER.-JOSEPH E. WEN MAN, New Philadelphia, Ohio. The accompanying picture represents the plate lifter in a perspective view. The invention relates to a form vI Ufter or detachable handle for articles, especially those which are too hot to be readily handled without the interposition of some such tool. 'rhe object is to provide a utensil having PLATE LIFTER. parts, which may readily be constructed from metal wire without the use of any connecting pivots. The relative parts are so constructC'd that they may be mutually traced, and tl1 parts arc so constructed that thpy lllay be readily and removably locked in position. In the construction each member is m"de continuous of one length of wire, and there are no drilled joints. FISH GRIP.-J. DITTMAR, 180 Hamburg Avenue, Brooklyn, New York. In this patent the object of the inventor is to plvide a fish rip for the rurBsoett of fishermen, fish dealers and other persons, and arranged to peJ'mit of obtaining a firm hold on a live fish when taking it off the fish hook, or out of a net or for holding a fish for scaling, cleaning or other purposes. Machines and IUechanlcal Dev1es. RULE CUTTING MACHINE.--J. A. RICHARDS, Albion, Mich. This machine is adapted for cutting bent rules as wel! as straight ones. When a bent rule is to be cut, the shelf or gage·bar, which serves as a support for straight rilles while being cut, is raised and swung back out of tho way, which allows due access to the cutting mechanism so that the bent rule may he manipulated in the required manner. NOTE.-Copies of any of these patents will b furnished hy the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN for ten cents each. Please state the name of the patentee, title of tbe invention, and date 01 this paper. Amazing uDETROIT” Kerosene Engine shipped on 15 days' FREE Trial, proves kerosene cheapest, safest. most powerful fue1. If satisfied, pay lowest prICe ev er glven on r eliable farm engine; if not, pay nothing . Gasoline Going Up! Automobile owners are burni ng up so much gaso. line that the world'ssupply is running short. Gaso hne Is 90 to 150 higher t h an co al o\l. Still :rinf up. ro pints of coal oil do work of three pints g asoline. No waste, no evaporation. no explosion from coal oil. 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