Of Interest to Farmers POTATO DIGGFR.-CLAYTON W. FORD, care of William St. Dniry, Findlay, Ohio. This invention is an improvement in potato digger:, and is illustrated with a section view of the apparatus. In operation the digger is drawn through the field, with a blade or plow a suffcient depth to pass below the potatoes, and POTATO DIGGER. as it moves along the potatoes are li'f'ed from the ground. During transportation. the plow may be lifted out of the ground, and by means of the lever it may be held at any desired depth. The arrangement of the beam of the plow moving between the frame sections prevents any lateral swinging movement of the said beam with respect to the frame, so. that the plow is held directly in the row. The width of the felly of the wheel is greater than tha t of the rings. ALARM AC'UATING MECHANISM FOR INCUBATORS.-W. M. BRALY, Blackwell, Okla. This mechanism is certain in operation and will not be damaged by the increase or decrease of temperature beyond the points where it has been adjusted to operate. The contact lever is pivoted to a rod mounted to travel in guides, a spring being provided to hold the rod in a predetermined position, the contact rod being connected with a thermostat by which it is operated. As the lever is operated by the thermostat it contacts with electrodes, to complete an electric circuit in which there is an electro-magnet. GIN SAW CLEANER.-II. ;. FlrZPATRICK, 153 Nellie B. Avenue, Athens, Ga. The Invention refers to cotton gins. and its object is to provide a new and improved cleaner, arranged to permit the operator to throw the cleaner into action while the gin is r\lnning, with a view to insure complete and quick removal of any lint or extraneous matter that may adhere to the saws. Of General Illteleit, EXEHCISING DEVICE.-E. D. ANGELI, 3600 Miun Avenue, Corvallis, Ore. This exercising device comprises an elongated bag, of canvas or leather or other suitable material flled with sand or other suitable substance to give it weight without rendering the samp Inflexible. While it may be preferred to make the device flexible, the body portion may be made inflexible as for instance, out of wood or metal with the straps. CIWTCH SUPPORTING ATTACHMENT.-LoUIS REMICK, 261 Madison Street, Passaic, N. ;. This invention provides a crutch with an attachment which may serve as a support for the crutch when extended in a horizontal position, and provides an attachment in a manner to avoid the same becoming an obstruction to lnt"rfcre with the comfort af the user when the crutch is employed in the usual manner. CRUTCH SUPPORTING ATTACHMENT. The invention consists is adding a swinging strut or arm to the crutch which, when extended perpendicularly from the crutch, is locked into position to form a rest for the crutch when the same is extended in a horizontal position. Means are provided for adjusting the length of the strut to equalize or to compensate for a. seat or other place of rest of the user. A perspective view of the invention is shown in the engraving. GARBAGE INCINERATOR.-;. B. HARRIS, 210 Stablman Bldg., Nashville, Tenn. The invention provides a smokeless and odorless incinerator, more especially for \se of mun!cipai!ties, large manufact\ling companies, etc., to permit convenient charging of the furnace witb garbage or other refuse and separation OVER 6S YEARS' PERIEIMCE TRADE MAHKS DESIGNS COPYRIGHTS C. INVENTORS are Invited to communicate with Muu n&Co. . 3 fH Broadway , Ne w \"olk, or fiti5 F Stre e t. Washington, D. (11' in regarf to securing vaiid patent protpctlon for their In-ve n tinn s. TrJlde-1Uarks and Copyright!* regIstered. J e s i g n Patents and For e i g II laten ts secured A Free Opinion as to tbe probable patentabillty of an invention will be l'eadily given to any inventor furnishinj lIS with a model or sketch and a brief description of the device in question, All communications are strictly confidentiaL Our Haud-Book on Patents will be sent free on request. Ours is the Oldest agency for securing patents; it was established over sixty·tre years ago. MUNN&CO., 361 Broadway, New York Branch OHice. 625 F St., Washington. D. C. AT E N T S SECURED OR FEE 1 t, IN 1 O RE!RNED Prt. 1 ML, IV T S RETURNED Free repoEJ't as to Pa tentability. IJlustrated Guide Book. and What To Invent witl List of Lnventions Wanted and Prizes offered for inventions sent free. V lCTOR J. FV ANS&CO .. Wasbington, D.C. Classified Advertisements Advertisinl in this column it 7[) cents a line. No ie:8 lhan four nor more than 12 lines accepted. Count 8eVen words to the line. All orders Illust, be accompanied by a remittance. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES. A BERLIN PATENT ATTORNEY desires to enter into negotiations with a competent and absolutely reliable young representative resirent in Washington, with a view to mutual co· operation in patent cases. Offers, with references, to be addressed to “Berlin Patent Attorney,” care of this journal. DEAFNESS. THE DEAF HEAR INSTANTLY with the Aeoust!· con. For personal use. also tor churches lud theatres. Special instruments. You must hear before you purchase. Booklet free. General Acoustic Co . . 207 Beaufort St., Jamaica, N. Y. City. Paris branch, 6 Rue d·Hanovre. FOR SALE. LOCAL REPRESENTATIVE WANTFD.-Splendid income assured right man to act as our representalive after learning our business thoroughly by mall. B'ormer experience unnecessary. All we require is honesty, ability, ambition and wtllingneRs to learn a lucrative bmsiness. No sol icitin g or tra veling. 'rbis is an e xcep tional opportuni ty tor a m an In your se ction t( ge t into a big paying busine8s without capital and become Independent for lite. Write at once fnr full particulars. Address E. R Marden, lLes., rhe Nationtl Co-Operative 1::l Ette C.mpany, L 378 Marden BuildintW:! hfngton, D. C. OLD COINS. OLD COINS.-$7-75 paid for rare date IffiS quarters. $211 Jui a *a. Keep fill money dated before Iwitf, and send 100. at OBCO for New Illustrated Coin Value Boob, 4x7. it may mean jour fortune, Clara.&Co-, coin Dealers, Bos :". Le Hoy, N. IT- PATENTS FOR SALE. ATTENTION.-Railroad locomotive spar u'murderer: patented, and for sale. Railroad fires ellminated and prohib ited, sm oke nuisance aba ted. smoke or noxiouss gases cann ot cause trouble to passengers in tunnels, Albert Lawrence, Soldiers Home, Hampton. Va. PANAMA CANAL PUZZLE.-Novel and unique' made of metal. Outrlgbt or royalty. Patented 1911. Wor further particulars address, Henry Sievers. 115 Slxtb 8treet, Millwaukee, Wis. WANTED. "ANJED.-Shir dr'tsmen, prl fr'm $5.04 to $3:60 per d1em, .·d assistant s'p draftsmen, p:y from n3.28 to $2.00 per diem. A competitive examination will be beld, at tbe Navy Yard. Philadelpbia. Pa .. December I I, 1911, for establishing an eligible register of sbip draftsmen. For furtber information address . . , Commandant, Navy Yard, Philadelphia, Pa." WANTED mechanical articles-Wish, to correspond with men WhO can write articles on aviation. autom"biJe practice and other mecbanical topics. in popular style. Addre •• , MechaniCS. Box 773, New York. W ANTED-A man or woman to act as our Information reporter. All or spare time. No experience necces-sarYD $50 to $30t) per month. NRthing to s:ll. Sends'a: fgr particul,!rs. Hires 'ssociation,5J S Assoelatro < B ldg. Indianapolis, IndIana. INQUIRY COLUMN READ ''HIS COLUMN CAREFULLL-You will Hnd luqairies for certain classes of artieles numbered in consecutive order. If you manufacture tbese goods write us at once and we will send you the “frame and address of tie party deSiring tbe information. 'l'here is no charge fo r tbi s selvice. In evely case it is n b ces sary to a iv e tbe IIUD ber of tbe inquir y. Where mauu facturers daO not respond prom p tly th e inquiry may be repea ted. IUVNN&CO. . Inc. Inquirv No. 9254.- Wanted. the name and address of manufacturers of lead pencils and pen holders. sucb as are used for printing aovertisements on. Inquilfy No. :£5ii.-1 anted, tO buy a pa;ent roller, a ball-bearing axIe, which couId be purchased tn a royalty basis; it must h e cbean and fully proved. In quiry No. 925fi. Wanted addressee of part . es baving Pitchblende deposits. if able to ship ore. Inquiry No. 9*257. Wanted addresses of firms selling second-hand water turbines. Inqui r: : No. !l2:S.-Wanted addresses of parties bYing lY materials to offer in any part of the -or/g. Inquirb N o. 925at-8 anted to buy amacuine for removing the coating o! a filbert . InqUlr y No . 9OT0,-WaDt addresses of p :ties able to snip corundum, fvarnet , Ill. emery or any a miat al !ui:ble ar anabrasire. November 18, 1911 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN 461 For XMAS Is a gift that is appreciated by men, women and children the world over. Made in chased vulcanite, sterling si I v e r (filigree or engraved) rolled gold an d solid gold in different styles. Th e “Screw The “Ladder Feed" on the under face of the nib, as the cut illustrates, supplies the ink steadily without skips, blots or overflow of ink. Cap” is a device that screws down tight over the nib, creating an ink tight chamber, making it impossible for the pen to leak. fM iWAN Comes packed for Chri.tmu presents in appropriate leather covered boxes that CAn be sent through the mail. for a few cenl. MABIE, TODD&eo. 17 Maiden Lane 209 S. State St. NEW YORK CHICAGO 124 York Street. Toronto. Canada 79-80 Hi.h Holborn. London. ED •• Toronto. p.. Blela .. t S,ce, and reduction of the liquid and sol:d matter, to insure complete combustion of matter and utilizing products of combustion for heating boilers for generating steam to be used partly In the furnace, and a surplus for power purposes for the production of electric lighting, etc. PYROPHORIC METAL ALLOY.-G. F. HOF-MANN, Bayerstrasse 57, Munich, Bavaria, Germany. In accordance with this invention the pyrophoric metallic alloy of manganese and antimony has only added to it a small quantity of metallic cerium, for instance, about 5 per cent of metallic cerium suffices to considerably reduce the hardness of the manganese-antimony without Injuring its pyrophoric property. It sparks better than the simple antimony and manganese alloy, It is more easily fled and remains unalteled In the air. FOLDING TOOTH BRUSH.-S. B. LJUTICA, 400 Columbia Bldg., Portland, Ore. This Invention relates to tooth brushes, and it has for its purpose one which may be folded and carried In the pocket, the device having a box for containing tooth powder, which is permitted to reacb the brush member, pivoted to the box through an opening therein. BAIT FOR CATCHING ANIMALS AND THE LIKE.-C. H. FREYER, Laddonia, Mo. In the use of this composition, the same can be used in connection with any common animal bait, such as meat and the like, or the composition can be used alone. When used In conjunction with animal traps, it serves to attract the animal to the tra p and in this manner presents an efficient and easily prepared bait. Hardware and Tools. WRENCH.-A. BERAN, Kopprasch Agent, Vienna, Austria-Hungary. Use is made of a handle provided with a jaw extending at an angle from the handle, and having thereon a gripping lug for engagement with the peripheral surface of an object to be turned or adjusted, and a second jaw provided with a gripping lug for engagement with the peripheral surface of the object, the said second jaw being pivotally mounted on the handle and in contact with a spring mounted On the handle. DESK REMINDER.-G. W. WRIGHT, Seheu-er Bldg., 738 Broad Street, Newark, N. J. An object of this inventor is to provide a device which will hold a plurality of memorandnm tabs in separate readily accessible positions, whereby they can not (Inly be readily removed and inserted, but also can be at least partially visible, so as to be distinguishable one from the other. WRENCH.-EDWARD L. BROWN, Box 39 Virginia City, Nev. This engraving presents a side view partly In section, of a wrench showing the jaws open. The handle may be preferably of metal channeled out in its sides. The tapered forms of jaws are usefUl in that they will hold the end of the wrench On the pipe after the jaws are adjusted and there Is no danger 'f their slipping off. The slid- PIPE-WRENCH. Ing jaws may be adjusted to fit upon a pipe by turning the screw, and the last may be slacked to allow play between the jaws so the wrench will work freely around the pipe, and if very thin the throw of the sliding jaw can be regulated so as not to crush the pipe. The Inventor will communicate with reliable parties on request in relation to manufactnring the wrench on a royalty basis. Heating: and Ligbting. WARM AIR REGULATING HEART H.-E. B. LOBACH, 4715 Haywood Place, Denver, Colo. In this structure the inlet opening for warm air is adjacent the bottom of the hearth and is covered by a plate which has a portion of its surface perforated to permit passage of the warm air from the inlet pipe through the helrth into the room or apartment. The perforated portion is controlled by a slide or damper which uncovers a greater or less number of the perforations as desired. FLEXIBLE PIPE COUPLING.-W. A. CRAMMOND, 337 E. 19th Street, New York, N. Y. The invention relates to improvements in pipe couplings for use generally in connecting relatively-movable pipes through which a fluid Is delivered, the special form of coupling being designed for use in connecting steam pipes, which carry the stear to multiple watserseal cups of telescopic gas holders, to prevent the freezing of the water within the cups during winter. Household UtIlities. BATH ACCESSORY.-F. HESS, 511 Fifth Avenue, West, Kalispell, Mont. This invention provides a sanitary towel supporting frame to be readily adjnsted to a bathtub of usual construction, the frame being provided with means for securing the towel firmly in the frame; and provides a device adapted for attachment to the 1nclined end of the bathtub. SINE FRAME BRA<!KE'.-W. J. D4LI, 814 What Motor Trucks Mean DF you are not using motor trucks, we take it for granted that you do not understand the benefits to be derived from them. Possibly you have the wrong viewpoint-perhaps you have been making too many comparisons with the horses and not really investigating what the truck meant to you as a machine to perform certain work. The individual or firm that has a better delivery system has an advantage-the kind of business doesn't matter-service is appreciated universally. If The White Company can place in your hands. a more efficient means of making deliveries, they have given you an opportunity of extending your field-of broadening the horizon of your product -of making good-where you had been unable to go before. White Trucks Known for Performance o into any large city in the United States-ask the men who have the ___largest delivery problems, to see what they know about these White trucks. Almost regardless of whether they own them or not, you will find that they know their record for splendid performance. To the man about to invest in trucks, a list of White owners will appeal as almost a directory of the big business men. They have invested their good money in White trucks and their endorsement is the fact that they are continually increasing their equipment. No one buys and buys again the thing that fails to stand the test. We could tell you why-because it is all in the designing-in the building-in the care we take in the production of the truck. The important thing to you is that they do perform-that White trucks satisfy their owners-and, therefore, must be the kind that you want. 1500-lb. delivery wagons, lY-ton,3-ton and 5-ton trucks-all with a universal type of power plant. Let us submit a solution of your delivery probJem. It will entail no obligation The White mm Company 838 East 79th Street, Cleveland, Ohio i i n --r--- 462 SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN November 1 8 , 1 9 1 ] r or Country Homes Cooking Fuel and Illuminating Gas Made at Home with a Lttle Machine 'Lke This . ABOUT once a month this machine mnst be refilled with gas-producing s tone and wonnd up like a clock. When obet1iently it stands idle until you start to cook or turn on the lights. Then, with no attention whatever, it gets busy and makes gas automatically-just enough to keep your stove and your lights going. The stone, known commercially as “UN ION CARBIDE,” gives up its gas when the machine drops a few lumps into plain water-a little at a time as the gas is wanted. The gas is genuine Acetylene. Burned in handsome chandeliers it gives a floot1 of brilliant pure white light. Burned in the kitchen range, it makes a hot blue fire that can be instantly turned up or down, on or off. For both cooking and lighting it is used exactly as city gas is used by over twenty million city people. As a fuel, it flows right into your stove without handling and burns without soot or ashes. As a light, its white, sunlike beauty is unrivaled. Refiected from handsome globes suspended from brass or bronze chandeliers, it supplies the up-to-date city-like appearance of refinement and elegance which the average country home lacks. Moreover, it is not poisonous to breathe, and the flame is so stiff the wind can't blow it out. The UNION CARBIDE you dump in the machine once a month won't burn and can't explode. In a nutshell, one of these gas machines installed in the cellar or an outbuilding of a country home solves the lighting and cooking problems for all time. And they are so easy to install in any home without injuring walls or carpets that there are now over 180,000 Acetylene Gas Machines in actual use. We manufacture and our agents arrange for installing thousands of them every month in all parts of the world. ^ There are, of course, t—! many crude imitations of our machine on the market, but the genuine is easily distinguished by its name and our trademark "Pilot” — Acetylene Generators On the first return Iail we will send you free literature telling how Cornell University has been growing plants by our light-why oculists recommend it for eye-strain-why the Insurance Engineers pronounced it much safer than kerosene-how the lights can be placed in barns and outbuildings-how tbey can be equipped to light up without matches-and how the gas range shortens kitchen hours and makes cooking a pleasure. With these booklets telling all this wonder story, we wiII send figures showing how little a “' PILOT “' lighting and cooking equipment will cost in your case. Just write us how many rooms and buildings you have to light and where you are located. Address your letter to the ACETYLENE APPARATUS MFG. CO.-South Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Illinois. HOW TO BUILD A 5 H. P. GAS ENGINE AT HOME In Scientific American Supplements, 1641 and 1642, E. F. Lake describes simply and thoroughly how a fve horse power gas engine can be built at home. Complete working drawings are published, with exact dimensions of each part. Price by mail for the two Supplements, 20c. Order from your newsdealer or from MUNN&COMPANY, Inc. PublisheTs 361 BROADWAY, NEW YORK jssgsm I JSur Important Papers will not tet torn orcrashed in ;K/F ULTTO y FILING * /irrEn^/ CABINET The pictures of the two drawers at the lef. tell the itory. The one drawer is crowded with sagging mass of nsupported folders-in getting them back. papers are jasily crumpled and tom. The other drawer has our Patented Inside Metal Par. i titions. which do away with crowding and sagging. and 1 always keep the/alders upright and easy of access. 1 No FoHower Block-True Vertical Eii 1 No Waste Space ' Multoplex Cabinets save money and set a new mark of filing efficiency. They enable more rapid filing of folders— -penlt correspondence to be found and taken ont mor qulokiy -prevent crumbIlng. tearing and mntllatlng of letttr -reduce.the number of misfled and lost letters _permit drawers to be filled to capacity -without crowding -fect a big saving by doing away with guide cards and per mitting the use of lighter. less expensive folders. Write for Our Booklet-CCFaultlesB Filing" L the full particulars abont these new ruing features tha' mean much greater efficiency at less expense. Please mention your firm name and In what capacity you serve. Write toi the hooklet today. CANTON MFG. CO., 1384 E. Secoad St.. Canton, Ohio mmmMmmmmmm^!3 N. Main Street, Mason City, Iowa. This invention is an improvement in sink frame brackets, and the aim is to provide a bracket which is especially adapted (or supporting sinks, and which may be expanded or contracted, to fit sink frames of varying sizes, and “herein meanR is provided for locking tile parts in adjusting position. WATER CLOSET FIXTURE.-T. F. WARD, care of T. J. RYAN, 6 Howard Street, New York, N. Y. In the present invention the principal object is the provision of a fixture for the usual water-closet bowl, which automatically closes over the bowl to prevent the emission therefrom of disagreeable odors or sewer gas, and to conceal the interior of the bowl. Machines and lHecbanical Device s. ATIACHMEN T FOR SHU:TL ES.-G. FA-vIA, Allentown, Pa. This attachment severs the thread so as to prevent damage, when an unusual pull is had on the thread. The attachment may be secured to shuttles in ordinary use, which may be set so as to allow the thread to feed from the bobbin just So long as the loom is working properly, but when, from any cause an unusual pull is had on the thread or a knot or tangle in the thread reaches the attachment, the thread will be automatically severed so that the shuttle will run free. AUTOM:TIC RAM STARTER.-J. F. T. B. BURNTANO, St. Paul, Ore. The object here is the provision of means in connection with the ram for opening the impetus valve to stop and start the same in accordance with the head of the water, stopping the ram when the water falls below a predetermined point and starting it when the water has a sufficient head. The illustrated figure shown herewith represents a side view of the improvement, the ram of which is of any usual AUTOMATIC RAM STARTER. or desired constructlon and the impetus valve thereof is contained in the chamber at the base of the ram. FLYING MACHINE.·-E. J. CRAWFORD, 1208 N. 45th Street, Seattle, Wash. An object of this invention is to provide a lighter-than-air machine which is provided with a safety device so as to prevent a rapid descent which might injure the aviators. This device is in the nature of a parachute which may be shifted so as to sustain the flying machine so that its descent will be gradual. PUMP.-KARL F. GERHARD, Hatton, Wash. The principal object which the present Invention has in view is the provision of a pump having mutually balanced stand pipes of indefinite length, the said stand pipes being each provided with pumping means for increasing the height of the column in each of the said PUMP. pipes, said means operated by the other of the said pipes, thereby reducing the power needed for reciprocating the said pipes. The accompanying illustration exhibits a plan view of the pump constructed and arranged in accordance with the present invention. SPUDDING DEVICE FOR WELL-BORING MACHINES.-G. P. RIGGS, Box 411 St. Mary's, West Va. This invention provides a boring bit reciprocating device having an amplified stroke and mechanism for operating the same ; provides means for reducing the rotation of the lifting sheave and the travel of the drill rope thereon, without diminishing the stroke thereof ; and provides an extensible rigging for boring operations. NECK GROOVING ATTACHMENT FOR BOTTLE MOLDING MACHINES.-R. JOHNS, 511 Walnut Avenue, Fairmount, W. Va. Primarlly, this invention consists in providing a separate mechanism for grooving the neck of a bottle, mounted upon one or the other of the primal molding tables, to impart the groove in the glass prior to its initial hardening, thereby avoiding reheating. AEROPLANE.-C. M. WANZER, Urbana, Ohio. This inventor provides a construction A CORD afe?-.-:/ /-.. PAD V Either type, as above, silk, 50 cents, lisle. 25 cents. At stores everywhere. Sample pair sent postpaid on receipt of price. Boston Garter .. For thirty years the standard -from first to last the best.” Holds up the half hose as smooth as your skin. Guaranteed against imperfections. Look for the moulded rubber button and the trade marks on the loop. CEORGE FIiOST Co., MAKERS, BOSTON Maxim Silencer In use by the United States Army Checks the muzzle blast, preventing report noise and recoil. “Wonderful aid to marksmanship. Makes rifle practice possible anywhere. Attaches to any rifle. “Write make, model and calibre of your rifle (giving dealer's name). We will tell you what Silencer you need, price, etc. MAXIM SILENCER, Hartford, Conn. l!iF'Wlll?Hr| Corliss Engines, Brewers aud .Bottlel's' Machmery u h . VIL TER MFG. CO. 899 Clinton Street, Milwaukee, Wis. w ''POROX'' Storage Batterie s '' he be st for ianition and light. No loss of cu rrent. Absollutely relia)OS8. Transpa rent iaTS are used for at batteries. 6volt. 60 ampere hour battery. P)'ice $24.00. Send for calalome ALBERT M U l lER Hoffman Boulevard, near Hillside Ave. JAMAICA, N. Y. /$**** Bristol's Recording Water Level Gauges For automatically recording depths of water or other liquids ill tanks. reservoirs. rivers. etc ., etc. Write for new 24-page illustrated Bulletin No. 142 cataloguing these Recorders. THE BRISTOL CO. Waterbury Conn. Let the Red Devil Water Motor Ds!: r 6-iDeh Motor. Improved constructiou, absolutely perfect, runs your w8hing machine and a hundred other things. PF)wer for small tools. % horse power on J^-inch pipe, 80 pou Nds presre; ! horse p:w;r on 2-inch pipe, :O p=nds pressure. Ne:: t price, t5.00 cash With order. No. 1492 4-lnch. Motors for grind. i n : , p olishing an: buffing. Runs sewing m:lchines, fans, bottle -----' Price : Jery, burling wheel, silver polish a:d pulley, $3.00. No. 1493 fotor. and puUey only $2.00. J^-horse power on 80 pounds pressure. f:;ro!= struction. Speeds, 3,000 to 6,00o rev: :iuto: per minute. Only seientitcaIJy and mechanically perfect small water motor manufactured. Patented construction makes It p 091i bIe. Tremendous output warrantl the price. Money back for any reason. C A TA to G DE AND LARGE SHEer FRE E WRITE TG-DAY 6-Inch Bucket Wheel DIVINE WATER. MOTOR. COMPANY D ept. 1 2. Utlca, Ne w Y ork, U.S. A. For the name of your local hardware tool dealer, we will send you fe booklet on “Theory ad Design of Water Motors." November Il, J 91 1 SCIENTIFIC AMERICA 463 Little Things that Make a Big Winner L. C. Smith&Bros. Typewriter (BALL·BEARING, LONG· WEARING) Typebar ball· bearings made like a watch. Carriage, to move at a feather touch and stand at any point, unshakeable. Escapement, lightning swift, in its getaway from the operator's nimble fingers. To U ci, smooth, easy, with snappy response. Shift.key lighteDed to one·third ordinary pressure. Careful, painstaking application to such fine details of construction have gi ven you a typewriter that gets big results and does satisfactory work-all kinds of it-without a bit of fuss or needless effort. Your stenographers will like the L. C. Smith&Bros. Typewriter because it enables them to do better work, do it easier, and do more of it. You'll wont it, yourself, for the same reasons and also because, on account of the ballbearings throughout, it keeps in better order and gives much longer service. Send for ' A nofker Decision by Experts” t.ling how the Savage A rms ComPany chose a typewriter equipment. L. C. SMITH&BROS. TYPEWRITER CO. Branches in aU large cities Head Office for Dome.tic and Foreign Business, Syracuse, N. Y., U. s. A. whereby aeroplanes are enabled to start their fight from, a resting position; provides means for mechanically lifting the aeroplane to an inclined position while ill contact with the ground or starting station and provides manually operated mechanical means for initiating the flight of an aeroplane. DRILLING MACHINE.-K. L. J. FRAZER, Sandpoint, Idaho. The aim in this case is °to provide a machine more particularly adapted for drilling holes in tree stumps and the like, preparatory to blasting the same. Further, to provide a machine mounted to swing on a frame, so that the drill cal be used at various angles and positions, depending wholly upon the work to be drilled. Railways and Their Accessories. SELECTIVE SWITCH MECHANISM.-A. V. MCPARTLAND. 16 Ferry Street, Newark, N. J. This invention has reference to a device whereby the motorman on a car as he approaches a switch leading to a plurality of different tracks, can operate a mechanism on the car which actuates the switch so as to divert the car in the direction in which he desires to go. SAlETY APPLIANCE FOR AIR BRAKES.'— A. B. LEFTWICH and C. N. MARKLE, 1413 E. 7tb Street, Pueblo, Colo. The object here is to produce a brake which is simple in construction and which can be can trolled in its operation by pneumatic means, a more specific purpose being to provide mechanism whereby a brake is held unapplied by pneumatic and mechanical means. and is applied by spring pressure when pressure in the service or train pipe is sufficiently reduced. Pertaining to Recreation. GUN.-AeGes' REIBS'EIH, 48 Stu3'vesant Street, New York, N. Y. TI purpose of this invention is to provide a nlW and improved gun. arrangcd to permit of 'conYenieutly turning the barrel of the gun in a horizontal plane for takiug the desired aim, and to permit the a^l-'J7!-.r':j'--T- l'.t f- M.JWK11I 'Jl GUN. user to rea·aily propel and retract a striking or a shooting plunger without danger of disturbing the aim. For the purpose mentioned, use is made of a barrel containing two spring-pressed plungers, of which one on being released actuates the other plunger. 'he engraving herewith gives a view of the longitudinal central sections of the gun. TOY.-T. D. lLO'O, Box 17 Station S., Brooklyn, New York, N. Y. 'his inyention relates to toys having a ball or roller adapted to wind up aud unwind on a cord held at one end by the user of the toy. The object is to provide a toy in which the ball is rendered exceedingly smooth, and the necessary weight is provided to insure a proper unwinding of the ball and Ie-winding on the cord by the molentum cam;ed by the unwinding of the ball. Pertaining to Vehicles. VEHICLE TIlE.-. A. SCHULTZ, care of Mattson Rubber Co., Lodi, N. J. Among the principal objects the inventor has in view are: to provide a resilient filler wherein the air contained in the tire is circulated to prevent local overheating of the tire casing and filler; to provide auxiliary resilient members adapted to augment the carrying capacity of the tire and the resilient qnality thereof; to provide a filler for an automobile tire formed from a number of removable and renewable sections. rendering the tire capable of economical and simple repairs; and to provide means to release or imprison the locking members of the tire, and to augment its resiliency. AUTOMA''IC CRANKING MECHANISM.-J. P. PETIT, 673 N. Commercial Street, Salem, Ore. The improvement is in cranking mechanism or devices used on automobiles, and the aim is to provide a novel construction wbereby the engine can be cranked from the driver's seat of the car in a perfectly safe manner, and by means which will avoid the possibility of any injury to the driver by the action of the engine. ROAD MACHINE.-M. M. SICKLER, Pala, San Diego Co., Cal. This invention provides a scraping blade and supporting frame connected directly with the draft team or mechanism ; provides carrying wheels and means for varying their angle of operation; provides for the carrying wheels a supporting table the operation whereof serves to vary the lift of the body by adjustment of the said wheels; provides carrying wheels and mechanism therefor whereby the same may be turued to vary the angle of a scraping blade; and provides carrying wheels and body structure adapting the machine to be turned upon a self-contained center. 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