Pertaining to Apparel. DRYING AND STRETCHING FRAME.—C. Winkler, 1646 Amsterdam Ave., New York, N. Y. This invention relates to apparel apparatus. It provides a frame more especially designed for drying stockings quickly and in pairs to prevent misplacing of mated stockings and to prevent the stockings from shrinking, the frame also permitting of convenient adjustment to readily accommodate stockings of different sizes. EAR MUFF.—W. H. F'rench, Evansville, Ind. An object of this invention is to provide a strong and simple ear muff which serves efficiently to cover and protect the ear against the injurious effects of cold, wet, wind, etc., which is compact in form, and which is so constructed that it can be securely held in place without the use of a spring bow or other devices. ELECTRIC TIME SWITCH.—C. J. Linde-wald, 312 Dean Building, South Bend, Ind. An object here is to provide a device which is controlled by clock-work, and which may be set to close a circuit at any predetermined time, and to open the same subsequently at any predetermined time. A further object is to provide a device in the nature of an improvement to an ordinary clock for accomplishing the closing and opening of the switch. Of Interest to Farmers. COW STANCHION.—F. A. Brundage, Box 33, Belmont, N. Y. This invention relates generally to cow stanchions, and more particularly it involves an improved form of stanchion having means whereby the movable bar in the stanchion may be locked and unlocked. The stanchion has an improved locking means whereby the movable bar may be easily and quickly brought to either operative or inoper-a tive position. AUXILIARY PLANTER.—A. R. Baldwin, care of Rogers and Baldwin Hardware Co., Springfield, Mo. The accompanying illustration shows a side view of a planter constructed and arranged in conformity with the present invention pictured in conjunction with an independent hauling truck. The advantage is auxiliary planter. obvious, as it enables the planter to be used in conjunction with any other suitable farm implement. As an instance, it will be conceived that to attach a planter thus constructed to follow gang plows or harrows would serve to shorten the operation of preparing the field by just so much time, cost and labor as would be needed to plant the field after the bed has been prepared, as is the present custom. Of General Interest. ADJUSTABLE BRACKET.—P. White, 152 Academy Street, Long Island City, N. Y. This invention relates to a form of bracket for scaffolding, more particularly adapted for use by tile setters on sloping constructions. The objects of the inventor are obtained by constructing a bracket of a general triangular shape, having an adjustable hook depending adjustable bracket. from one end to fit over a metallic framework of an unfinished roof, positioning two of these brackets apart on the roof and connecting the same by a scantling of board or boards to form a readily constructed bracket. The perspective view herewith shows an embodiment of the invention applied to a roof construction. COMB AND BRUSH.—W. J. Hope, Tunica, Miss. This invention is an improvement in a comb and brush, and the aim is the provision of a simple, compact and cheaply constructed device combining the functions of both instruments, as shown in the engraving, which will be capable of being carried in the pocket, will not easily collect dirt, and which may be easily cleaned. It is handled in the same manner as an ordinary comb. As the teeth pass through the hair, the bristles smooth the hair comb and brush. both in front and behind the teeth. Either set of bristles may be used alone by inclining the comb, or the teeth may be used with both. Only a slight portion of the length of the teeth extends below the bristles. GUITAR.—A. Degulio, 1261 Lynd Avenue, High Bridge, Bronx, N. Y. The invention relates generally to stringed musical instruments and more particularly it involves an improved construction of body of a guitar. From the engraving it will be seen that the bridge is supported entirely by the sounding board, being out of contact with the top of the body, this construction affording an increase in volume and an improvement in the tone of the sounds since the free vibration of the board is not interfered with in any way by the hands when playing; the vibration of the strings is transmitted directly to the sounding board and none of the energy of vibration is dissipated in through contact with the body since the bridge rests on the sounding board. UNSINKABLE BOAT.—J. Pastorel, P. O. Box, 947 Asbury Park, N. J. The frame is constructed of hard rubber and is covered with sheets of rubber or rubber cloth in such a way as to form independent air-tight compartments. inflated to increase the boat's buoyancy. Elasticity of materials used enables the structure to incur severe blows and shocks, because, when subjected to rough usage, the boat will unsinkable boat. yield instead of breaking, as it might in case common material, such as wood or iron, were employed. The object of the inventor is to produce a vessel which will be lighter, faster and better able to resist damage than any other vessels of the same description. The engraving shows a side view of the framework. Hardware and Tool. lawn trimming attachment.—w. e. Hill, Charleston, Ill. It is the purpose in this invention to provide a lawn trimming or edging attachment of novel form and design, which may be detachably secured to a wheel of an ordinary lawn mower, as pictured in the accompanying engraving, and when in position may be efficiently operated, with a minimum of time and labor required, to cut off all grass projecting outward over the edge or border of a grass plot, and to trim the face of 'the turf or sod in a uniform and symmetrical manner. The • device may be operated by an unskilled operator. SAFETY HOOK.—R. Lange, care of Hugo I Lange, Okanogan,Wash. This device is adapted to carry a load of cranes, or used as a harness hook or other readily-releasable connecting device suitable for carrying a load or resisting a strain. To this end the hook in general comprises two hook members pivoted together to swing to and from each other, one of the hook members having a gate adapted, when the hook members are closed and locked, to swing inwardly and permit the insertion and removal of the suspension link, the gate arranged at the mouth of the hook to take the strain on the link. The illustration shows the hook members released and swung apart. Household Utilities. BROILER.—J. W. Taylor, Box 93, Antigo-nishe, Nova Scotia, Canada. In this patent the invention has reference generally to broilers and more particularly it relates to those articles of this class which comprise a pair of extended body portions suitably hinged together and between which articles of food are held over the fire in order to be cooked, and held in a manner that will not permit the food falling out. CONVERTIBLE CHAIR.—A, Demers, 461 Granite Street, Manchester, N. H. This invention has reference to convertible chairs, and it has for its purpose the provision of a rocking chair which may be readily converted into a cradle, a cradle member being normally dis- posed under the seat of the chair, which may be erected across the front - of the chair to form the side member for the cradle, the sides of the chair being adjustably mounted so that they may be lowered to a horizontal position to form the head and the foot of the cradle. The chair is pictured in perspective in the accompanying illustration. machines and mechanical Devices. CHECK PROTECTOR.—C. H. Sampson, Rochester, N. Y. This invention refers to protectors employed for providing a check with a mark pressed into the paper and representing a certain sum, and the words “Not over.” It provides a protector arranged to permit the user to view the line of the check where the .printing is to take place, and to provide a single hand lever mechanism for controlling the movement of the printing parts. AEROPLANE.—G. W. Thompson, Kingston, Okla. This invention relates to flying machines of the heavier-than-air type, and the object is to provide a machine of this class which has its propellers so arranged that they not only drive the machine but steer it also. By such a construction the inventor minimizes the necessity of using movable rudders here- tofore used to control the machine's course of travel. Balancing is accomplished by locating the power plant directly below the center of gravity of the supporting planes, and by the manner in which the planes are tilted with reference to the line of travel. The improved aeroplane is shown in perspective in the accompanying view. FLYING MACHINE.—R. Cole, Norwalk, Ohio. This improvement relates to a flying machine, and particularly to aeroplanes in which an automatic balance of the equilibrium is obtained. A further object is to provide a flexible connection between the main supporting plane and the frame, whereby the equilibrium of the aeroplane is automatically maintained. FLUID PRESSURE TOOL.—A. C. McFAR-lane, 601 North Wahsatch, Colo. The object of this invention is to provide a fluid pressure tool arranged for running the tool at a high speed and with economy in the use of the motive agent, to reduce jar and vibration to a minimum and to prevent breaking of the operating parts, especially When the tool is running without the drill being in place. WINDMILL.—C. F. Craddick, 514 W. Porphyry St., Butte, Mont. The accompanying engraving shows a side elevation of a windmill constructed and arranged in accordance with the present invention. The principle objects in view in this case are : to provide a power head for a windmill disposed and ar- ranged as a series of turbine-shape rotating members; provides a power head having a maximum wind pressure surface disposed in power relation to the wind, and having the maximum of exposed surface when disposed in angular relation to the wind; and to provide regulating means for automatically varying the pressure under operative conditions. Prime Movers and Their Accessories. ELASTIC FLUID TURBINE.—R. Harrison, 58 Chancery Lane, London, England. In this patent the invention has. for its purpose the production of an efficient turbine of simple and strong construction having the steam nozzles, exhaust openings, and connecting channels so arranged that the work to be done by the steam shall be distributed over two or more stages arranged around the circum-ferenec of a single rotor. CARBURETER.—W.. A. Harris, 217 John St., Greenville, S. C. The invention in this case is an improvement in carbureters, and the purpose of the inventor is the provision of a carbureter of the character specified, for use in vaporizing gasolene and mixing air therewith in the most favorable proportions for the most efficient combustion. Railways and Their Accessories. RAILROAD TIE SPACER.—J. W. Wood, Needles, Cal. In the present patent the invention is a spacer for railroad ties, and it comprises a device which can be readily placed in position to grip the top of a rail, and which acts as a fulcrum for the spacing bar which i., used to force the ties into proper position. BRAKE - BEAM AND FULCRUM THEREFOR.—J. B. Si mpson, Easton, Pa. This improvement refers to brake beams and fulcrums therefor, and it has for its object to provide a fulcrum member having means by which it may be conveniently secured to a T-shaped or other beam, without slipping the fulcrum over the end of the beam, and without splitting the fulcrum member. Pertaining to Recreation. traveling rucking horse.—w. Roberts, 702 W. Mulberry St., Springfield, Ohio. This improvement has reference to traveling rocking horses and the object is to provide one which is propelled by means connected to a rock shaft to which the horse is secured, stirrups being provided which are connected with steering mechanism by which the direction ?f travel may be controlled. Pertaining to Vehicles. VEHICLE TIRE.—il ' Tallman, Morley, Iowa. The invention provides a resilient tire constructed of spring metal to avoid disadvantages in the employment of rubber tubes of usual construction ; provides a tire constructed from a series of sectional forms each detachable and replaceable; provides an articulated tire of metallic sectional springs, each co-operatively connected with adjacent springs to unify the action of the springs; provides a tire with stop members to reinforce the tire structure to avoid the breakage of single sectional springs when subjected to sudden strains ; and provides for a tire a wearing shoe constructed from a series of assembled short removable sections. Designs. design for carpet or rug.—j. S. Brown, care of G. S. Squire, Hartford Carpet Corp., 41 Union Square, New York, N. Y. This design for a carpet or rug is oblong in form and exquisitely ornamental in composition. Inside and near the edge there is an elaborate border of figures in a white ground and a mass of small dotted circles separates this border from a bright centerpiece in a white field. Mr. Brown has patterned another carpet or rug design of the same shape, with a rather dark and brilliant mixed border separated from the centerpiece by a scrolled work runner in a white field. The centerpiece is elaborate and abounding in arrangements of flowers. Note.—Copies of any of these patents will be furnished by the Scientific American for ten cents each. Please state the name of the patentee, title of the invention, and date of this paper.