WHEN the wood turner is turning drops or thin rosettes which are fastened on the screw chuck, there is not much wood left to grasp in removing. The wood turner, with the chisel resting on the rest, catches. the point in the outer part of the rosette Removing a rosette from the chuck. on the back side of the lathe. With a quick pull on the belt with his left hand he revolves the lathe backward which readily unscrews the rosette from the chuck. All the stub pieces which are left on the chuck from other turnings are removed likewise. Removing a Plug from Blind Holes THE shank of a drill chuck was twisted off close to the end of the chuck, and it was quite a problem to get the end of the shank out, so the following little kink was tried: A 14-inch hole was drilled endwise through the broken piece. The hole extended through the plug into the open space at the bottom of the hole. The hole was then filled with oil, and a 14-inch pin was made, so it would slide freely therein. The pin was placed in the hole, and then was struck a heavy blow with a hammer, causing the oil that was at the bottom of the hole to force the plug out.