Commissioner Fisher is infusing life and energy into the Patent Office, such as it has not experienced since the days of Mason and Holt. Applications which have been allowed to accumulate under recent Commissioners are being examined and disposed of very rapidly, and we hope soon to be able to announce that the files in the Examiners' rooms are clear of pending cases. On a single dayFriday June 11thwe received circulars of allowance of Thirty-nine patents, on applications made through our Home Office, exclusive of those prepared at our Washington Branch Office. If the new Commissioner continues thus energetic in his management, he will secure and deserve an enduring popularity. Now that the Commissioner has his hands well hold of the plow, we trust that he will neither hesitate nor turn back. Cobbeotion.Mr. Gallatin, in his communication on a " New Method of Constructing Induction Coils," page 390, current volume, omitted to state the following important facts regarding the wire wound upon the three hard-rubber bobbins : " The center bobbin contains 3,000 feet and the two others together 4,500, in all 7,500 feet of wire, weighing 25 ounces avoirdupois." Hbkbt Cabey Baibd of Philadelphia, f,he veteran publisher of practical and scientific books, has just published a new and enlarged catalogue which contains a complete list of his valuable industrial publications. Thig catalogue is forwarded free by mail oa application.