The Patent Office seems of late to have become the grand stepping stone to higher civil functions. Twice within the brief space of less than two years, the President's cabinet has been re-inforced by the selection of the Commissioner of Patents to a seat in the executive councils. Mr. Holt succeeded the late Governor Brown as Postmaster General, and now we have the pleasure to record the fact of the appointment of Commisioner Thomas to succeed Mr. Cobb in the important office of Secretary of the Treasury. This makes another change in the head of the Patent Office. In the meantime, however, its duties will be acceptably performed by S. T. Shugert, Esq., the present Chief Clerk. There are good reasons for hoping that, under existing circumstances, the President will make no appointment to the office of an inexperienced man. He might properly confer it either upon Mr. Shugert or upon ex-Commissioners Mason or Bishop. The appointment of either of these gentlemen would be satisfactory to all who have business with the Patent Office.