Wm. Taylor, of Schenectady, N. Y., has ta ken measures to secure' a patent for an impro ved Rotary Engine. The arrangement of this engine is as follows: a shaft is placed central ly in it fixed cylinder, and around the hub of this shaft are placed the pistons which are pressed against the inner periphery of a circu lar collar attached to the cylinder. -Through this collar are cut the steam ports or openings, which are as wide as the space between the sides of the pistons. When, therefore, the steam issues through these ports, it impels the pistons, which revoh e within the collar, and carry the shaft round in their rotation. The mode of applying the steam is likewise pecu liar. Between the outer surface of the collar and the inner surface of the cylinder, is a space which the inventor terms a steam chest, there is a stop placed in it to compel the steam to take the right 'direction. At each end of the cylinder is a head, which bears steam-tight against the sides of the hub and pistons, over this is another head, which serves to keep the cj Under endsalso steam-tight, An excellent plan of packing the pistons, where they touch the collar, which is done by adjustable wed ges, is one of the claims ofthe inventor.