The plumb and level, one of the oldest of instruments used by masons, builders and others, usually consists of a lead weight, (hence its name, from plumbumlead,) placed in a frame of wood, and by placing the side or base of this against or on the structure, the level is taken The level is made either of water or spirit, enclosed in a sealed glass tube, containing also a bubble of air; it is then mounted in a proper case, and the position of the bubble of air shows the levelof the structure or substance against which it is placed The subject of our engravings is a combination of a plumb and level, and indicator, invented by J L Rowe, of New York, and assigned by him to Frederick Stevens, No 177 Greenwich street, this city The claim appears in another column, the patent being granted this week The left hand view shows the apparatus in perspective, the other having the front removed, to show the interior arrangement A is a rectangular case, made perfectly square at its sides and ends ; through the upper part of this runs an axle, and a crank handle, B, is inserted, and on to this is wound the cord, F, having suspended from it the plummet, G H is a spirit level placed so as to act when the apparatus is placed down horizontally on any stuff, and D is another one, to act when the apparatus is used vertically At the upper end of A is a plate of brass, C, having on it a graduated arc, divided into dergrees otherwise, as convenient, and E is a pointer, that swings freely on an axis, also having its lower end heavier than its upper ; so that it will always keep the perpendicular; and when the case, A, is placed against anything, the level of which is desired, the pointer still keeping the perpendicular, will indicate on the divided scale the amount in degrees that it is out of the perpendicular It is a most convenient and useful combination, and we have no doubt will be thoroughly appreciated by those whose trade requires its use Should any more particulars be desired, they can be obtained by addressing the assignee as above