From the Baltimore Patriot we learn that Thomas "VVinans, of that city, has recovered a claim of five million dollars against the Russian government, which makes his share of the proceeds of freight and passenger travel over the railroads of that country, seventeen millions of dollars! It seems that in his contract with Russia, he was to receive a percentage on all freight and passenger travel on the railroads of that country, and the government thought that there was no necessity to pay this tax on the soldiers who were carried to the Crimea during the late war. Mr. Winans thought differently, and employed J. H. B. Latrobe to prosecute his claim in a legal way, which he has done, and succeeded. "We understand that Mr. Latrobe received a fee of $10,000 a month, independent of expenses, and when he reached Baltimore he was presented with a check for $100,000. Mr. Winans has purchased a tract of land with water front at Canton, where, it is said, he is going to build a number of magnificent ves- ' sels of war for the Russian government, having ( just made a contract with them for the work.