The ordinary spirit lamps ar6 open to many objections, some of which have been obviated by a new safety spirit-lamp, invented by Alexander J. Walker, of New York City, who has taken measures to secure a patent. The improvement consists in the employment of a movable circular plate, resting on a flange round the inner neck of the lamp, and to which the wick tubes are fixed. This plate is connected with the cap or top of the lamp by means of a vertical rod, a spiral spring being wound round that part which is between the before-mentioned cap and plate. Now, when the top is unscrewed, this rod down and carries with it the wick tubes, by which the light is immediately extinguished. In like manner the rod, which is made to slide freely through a circular opening in the centre of the plate when the top is screwed on, raises the wick tubas, while the before- mentioned plate being pressed down by the spring, prevents any flow of liquid otherwise than by the proper manner.