Please publish the following valuable recipe for scalds and burns, having used it myself and seen its effects on others, I recommend it as having no equal, particularly in cases of scalding by steam from boiler explosions, &c.:— Take any quantity of unslacked lime, put water enough on it to cover the lime; let it stand an hour or more 4 take off the clear lime water, and to every pint of lime water add one pint ot oil (olive or lard oil is preferable, but any kind of lamp oil will answer), put them in a bottle and shake well, and in a few mi- nutes it will be fit for use. Bathe the part scalded as often as the nature of the case requires ; if the skin be badly broken, lay over the wound a very thin piece of cambric muslin ; this liniment will keep for years if corked tight in a bottle. Every family should keep it on hand as it costs but little. H. G. G.