An improvement in the mode of hanging saws without a saw fash, and by which any amount ofstrain may be given them, has been constructed and the requisite steps taken to secure a patent. This improvement is the invention of Charles Burleigh, of Fitchburg, Mass. The manner in which he accomplishes this object is by attaching to the upper saw head two straps or chains, passing over straining and stationary pulleys attached to the upper part ot the bed frame. These straps or chains also passing under stationary pullies beneath the saw, and are attached to the lower saw head or block. Levers may be substituted ior the pulleys, and the cords or chains attached to the top of the upper, and bottom of the lower saw head, and to the ends of the levers; by this arrangement ot the inventor the saw may be perfectly strained, and the weight and iriction attending the working of the ordinary saw sash or frame avoided.