Dr. Hugo Miehe, who has studied the spontaneous heating of newly-made hay ricks, considers the heating as entirely the result of physiological action and not, as is generally supposed, due to the action of badel'ia. Several thermophilous species of bacteria and fungi, some of them new. have been obtained from heatH! hay. Dr. Miehe thinks that injuriolls Idnds of bacteria and fungi are probahly fostered by sweating manure, and that the common occurrence of the tubercle bacillus may be due to this cause. The name of Luther Burbank has long been known as that of the wizard of botany. At a recent lecture at Stanford University, seventy-three different species of apples were shown, all gathered from a single tree in Mr, Burbank's garden, While fond of the botanical pranks which appeal to the public mind. Mr, Burbank fortunately does not neglect the more serious part of his profession, and devotes much time and thought to the cultivation of improved plants likely to be of economic value, A fish which feeds on mosquito larvae is reportrd from Australia, This fish, known to science as pSC1l domugil signifer, and popularly known as "blue-eye," owing to the brilliant blue color of its iris, belongs to the family of athorinides, a small carnivorous fish found in both ocean and rivers, The blue-eye is a very small fish, about two inches long, and is generally found in shallow water, It is said that the Italian government is much interested in this matter and is importing a number of the fish to test their efficiency as larva destroyers in swamps and marshes. Archaeological interest is at present centered on Piestum in Italy, where three very beautiful Greek temples stand, Owing to unhealthy malarial conditions. little exploring work.hasin the past been done on this site, uut recent excavations have shown that the temples were merely part of a city. Prof. Spinaz-zola. who is superintending the operations, has uncovered, a few yards beneath the surface, a perfect street. thirty feet wide, well paved but showing the ruts of heavy traffic. Great numbers of objects af iron, bronze or stone have been unearthed and it is pro posed to turn' an ancient Greek tower on' the banks of the river Saito. near the site of the buried city, into a museum, ' In spite of the appliances of modern science and invention, Arctic exploration remains a pursuit attended with great risk and hardship, It is feared that Wil liam Bruce, a Scotch explorer, has been lost, together with two experienced companions. Mr. Bruce left his base of supplies in Spitzbergen early in August, accompanied by Capts, Johansen and Bracsen, and a search party has found traces of one of their {'amll', and their sleds, It is thought they were lost in attempting to cross Prince Charles Bay, Spitzbergen. Bruce went with the Antarctic expedition which left Dundee in 1892, with the Jackson-Harmsworth polar expedition. and the Prince of Monaco's expedition to Spitzbergen. He was also a member of the Scotia Antarctic expedition of 1902. Capt. Bracsen accompanied the Prince of Monaco in his expedition to Spitzbergen, and Capt, Johansen was a companion of Dr, Nansen in the latter's Arctic explorations, Tn a recent paper Dr. J. W. Spencer has given some interesting data in respect of the "Age of the Niagara Falls." Soundings at all the points of great changes in the Gorge have been successfully undertaken, bor' ings were Pllt ciown for the exploration of buried "alleys, and instrumental surveys made of the original river bani,s and the physics of the stream. The mean recession of the crest line of the Falls is found to be 4,2 feet a year under existing conditions, and tllis rate has approximately obtained for 227 years, But this rate will not give the age of the Falls. on account of other great variations in the volume of the river and the height of the Falls themselves, The chief change in volume of water depends on the fact that originally Lake Erie alone was discharged over the Falls when the supply of water was only one-fifteenth of the present discharge, Above Foster's Flat the sudden wiuening indicates the inflow of the other lakes into Erie, greater water discharge, and greatly increased rapidity of recession, The Whirl pool is on the site where the recession broke down the partition separating the head of the Whirlpool-St, David's buried gorge. and hegan to empty out the contents of this valley, The clltting with the fllll power of the water of the four la!(es varies at times according to the height of the fall, and is calcuhtpd to have occupied 3,500 years. The entire age of the Falls is given as 39,000 years,Knowledge and Scientific News.