EMANCIPATING SCIENCE--"Racial segregation was a major theme at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in Atlanta. Four affiliates of the A.A.A.S. had refused to go to Atlanta. Some prominent Negro scientists also boycotted the meeting. Negroes who attended were unrestricted at official functions of the convention but were barred from white hotels and restaurants. A submitted resolution said in part: 'It is necessary and desirable that all members may freely meet for scientific discussions, the exchange of ideas and the diffusion of established knowledge.... These objectives cannot be fulfilled if free association of the members is hindered by unnatural barriers.'"

THE NEW RETIREE--"The notion that retirement makes a person discontented is contradicted by an interdepartmental study now in progress at Cornell University. Three fourths of about 700 recently retired men indicated that they are satisfied with their new way of life and are generally in good health. Generally speaking, those who are content with retirement were financially secure and had made plans for the future."