The "book of books" has been studied in every shape and way, and yet it is not studied half enough. We hope to see the day when every family will possess one, not for the sake of its handsome binding, but for the inestimable value of its contents. Some one has been exercising his patience in a peculiar way upon the Bible, for the "Union Bible Dictionary," published by the American Sunday School Union, contains the following information:— The Old Testament contains 39 books, the New Testament 27; in all, 66. The Old Testament contains 929 chapters, 23,214 verses, 592,439 words, and 2,728,110 letters, while the New has 260 chapters, 7,959 verses, 181,-253 words, and 838.380 letters ; making a total of 1,189 chapters, 31,173 verses, 773,692 words, and 3,566,490 letters.