In a very able article on the cotton plant, by Isaac Croom, Esq., in the American Cotton planter, an able new magazine, edited by Dr. Cloud, of Montgomery, Ala., it is stated that the first seed ofthe Sea Island long staple cotton was sent from the Bahamas to some gentlemen in Georgia iif1786, and the first experiments were made with it on the Sea Islands near the mouth of the Savannah river. The plants did not bear the first year, but the winter proving mild, the rattoons bore fruit the year following, and thus became acclimated. The original seed came from Persia. Thl! successful growth of this world-wide famous kind of cotton is confined to a string of islands stretching from Georgetown, in South Carolina, to the St. Mary's river in Georgia, a distance of nearly 200 miles including a belt of eoast not over 15 miles wide