On the 21st of last month, at Astley's Amphitheatre, London, Mr. Cooke, the cole-brated equestrian, undertook to exemplify Rarey's system of subduing vicious horses, and as a consequence there was a crowded house. The Morning Advertiser states that Mr. Cooke informed the audience, when the exhibition opened, that he was ready to tame any horse that was brought to him, and a vicious hunter which had been sent for this purpose was then taken into the ring. He then took a strap and attached it to the fetlock of the animals' right foreleg, brought it over its right shoulder and held it firmly by hand. The left leg was then doubled up inwards till the hoof was brought in contact with the thigh, when it was tied in that position with a strap. Mr. Cooke then took the reins of the bridle in one hand, and the strap attached to the horse's right leg in the other, and holding them taut, urged the animal to walk on three legs, with his head inclined to the left. The horse was made to walk in this manner three times round the ring of the circus, when he exhibited signs of great exhaustion, got down on his knees, and finally lay down in the most submissive manner. The straps were then taken off, and Mr. Cooke lay down upon him, patted him, and the animal received these caresses in the most docile and quiet manner, and appeared to be perfectly under the control of his tamer.