An improved mode of attaching hubs to axles has been invented by William McBride, of Bristolville, Ohio. The above purpose is effected by using two clamps or jaws, each having a semicircular recess in the middle, which, when closed, form a circular opening, through which the arm of the axle is passed and secured tight in the hub. The clamps or jaws are opened or spread apart, so as to allow the hub to be attached to or detached from the axle by means of an oblong stud fixed to the end of a rod, which passes longitudinally through the hub, and is operated upon at the other end by a key. The stud, when the clamps or jaws are closed, is in a vertical position, and fits between the semicircular recesses already mentioned, so that when the stud is turned around, it forces the clamps apart, and consequently the opening formed by the recesses is made sufficiently large to allow the end of the axle to pass through.