We are having a great many inquiries for sewing machines from various parts of the country, and as we cannot conveniently reply to them all by mail, we have thought it proper to state our opinion in regard to them in this public manner. There are a number of very excellent machines now in the market which are deservedly successful. We have, however, never used but one, namely, Wilson's patent, manufactured by the Wheeler & Wilson Manufacturing Company, No. 343 Broadway, and we can say in regard to it that it is without a rival. No other machine exceeds it in its adaptation to all the purposes of domestic use. It is simple, not easily put out of order when in proper bands, and in point of effectiveness and finish, no other machine stands ahead of it. We state this much in regard to the excellent machine upon our own responsibility, and without the slightest intention to disparage other machines well known to the public; and we hope thereby to save ourselves considerable time and postage in answering letters which fraquently come to us with inquiries touching this subject.