An improved apparatus for the purpose of boring treenail holes in ships bottoms has been invented by Samuel T. Sanford, of Fall River, Mass., who has taken measures to secure a patent. This machine very much lessens the difficulty experienced by shipwrights when boring treenail holes in the bottoms of ships. The auger stock is connected by a ball and socket or other universal joint, to a long pole, which is supported by a standard, but capable of motion in either a horizontal or vertical plane. A couple of pullies and a band transmit the motion of a shaft resting in the standard, to the auger so that it revolves. This plan allows the tool to be brought to any required point, and will permit it to bore in any direction, whilst the power to do so can be applied on the ground or wherever the standard can be readily placed. The workman can quickly remove the auger from the stock by a neat arrangement of a screw-thread and tongue, and a stock guard having small sharp pins at its end serves to maintain the position of the tool.