The Crateur Lakes, in the town of Manlius, Onondagua Co., ?. ?., are curiosities, and are supposed to be of volcanic origin. They are, by the inhabitants about there, called the Green Lakes. One of them is on the top of a hill, ard is in the form of a tea-cup. The banks are two hundred feet high, and the water four hundred feet deep. The water appears of a deep green, but when taken up in a glass, it is perfectly clear and transparent. Trees and limbs which fall into the water oon become encrusted with a bright green substance, which, on being exposed to the air, becomes hard. The timber decays and leaves this incrustation in the shape of hollow tubes Wood saturated with this water and burned, emits a strong odor of sulphur. A farmer who resides near, once heard a great rush of water, and looking round saw the lake rising over the banks. He was alarmed and fled with his team, but the water soon receded to its usual level, and he returned to his furrow, more puzzled than instructed. The Baltic arrived at this port on last Sunday evening; her news is of considerable interest, inasmuch as it is now believed by our " press " (sensible men never believed otherwise) that there will be no war between Russia and Turkey at present. Capt. Vanderbilt was quite ? hero in England ; the authorities of Southampton had given him a grand entertainment, and he, in return, had invited them to a. short pleasure trip and a dinner on board of his steam yacht.