A colony of sky-larks, forty-two in number, were recently imported from England by a gentleman of Delaware, with the hope of perpetuating the species in this country and thus adding a songster of much renown to our forest choir. The birds flew from the place at which they were released in various directions, and, lor the most part, in flocks of three to twelve, alighting mostly within sight, upon adjoining farms. In all likelihood the experiment will fail as the larks build their nests on the ground and in a country, where snakes and such varment are numerous, their eggs and young will be destroyed. Literary Notices HINTS ON THE DAGUERREOTYPE, etc.Edited by J. II. Croucher. This work einbiaces directions for obtaining photographic pictures by the calotype, and energiatype, also upon albuminized paper, and glass, by collodion and albumen, etc , iucludirg a practical treatise on photography, the heliochrorne proceep, etc. Italso includes full directions for taking pictures by the Daguerreotype process, with the latest improvements in fixing colors. c, illustrated with engravings, and is a * ork of great value to experimenters, and indeed a)) who take an interest in this class of investigations. It is neatly bound ; for Rale by A. Hart, Philadelphia, Pa. ELEMENTS OF MECHANISMExplaining the Principles of the Construction of Machines, by F. lia-ker, C E , is a work designed for the use of schools or students in mechanical engineering, and is well calculated to facilitate investigation in this branch of science ; the whole is carefully arranged aDd illustrated with 243 engravings. For sale by A. Hart, of Philadelphia. THE SPIRITUAL MEDIUMThis is a neat little volume, published by Gould Lincoln, Boston, and contains some exceedingly curious and rare information. The author is evidently a scholar and fond of reading marvelous works of old and new authors. He believes in a nervous or spirit principle. PUTNAM'S MONTHLYFor July, is an excellent number, it contains an unusual amount of valuable information, and is illustrated with fine engravings. Published by 8 P. Putnam Co., No. 10 PaikPlace, N. Y., and Sampson, Low, Son Co.,London ; price $3. BOOK OP THE WORLDWe have just received No 10 of this beautiful work ; it has four beautiful plates : The Passion Flower, The European Butter-fly, and the African Snake are colored plates*. It is filled with choice matter. Published by Weik Wieck, 195 Chestnut st, Phila. " Harry Coverdale's Courtship, and what came of it" by the author of l Frank Fairlegh," "Lewis Arundel." etc. H. Long Bro. 43 Ann st. This is a very captivating novel, and will pay perusal from those fond of romantic literature. " Young Ladies' Keepsake and Home Library," for June, is received ; it is a choice number, beautifully embellished. Published by J. S. Taylor, No. 17 Ann st.