According to M. Cabinis, a French physio-gist, the muscles of the legs and arms loss their power before those which support the head ; and these last sooner than the muscles which sustain the back; and he illustrates this by the cases of persons who sleep on horseback, or while they are standing or walking. He conceives that the sense of sight sleeps first, then the sense of t ste, next the sense of smell, next that of hearing, and lastly that of touch. He maintains also, that the visrera fall asleep, one aftei another, and sleep with different degrees of soundness. Literary Notices ILLUSTRATED NEWS—ENLARGED—We are happy to flud our neighbors of the '-Illustrated News" are prospering so well as to afford to increase the size of their journal to double itsformer dimensions. Interesting eveots are transpiring so frequently lately that the publishers of the ''News" find they cannot give a view of all the interesting scenes daily occurring, without enlarging their sheet. a;>d they have very generously adopted a size of juae double its former dimensions. The various subjects of interest brought to our " Crystal Palace " will occupy a very prominent space in the " News," and we predict for it a circulation unsurpassed by any weekly journal published in the world. This week's numbers contains viewa of Plymouth and the Pilgrim Jubilee which came off there on the 1st inst. H D. Beach, publisher, 130 Pulton tt, Hew York. LITERARY MUSEUM—This is a paper devoted striot-ly to literature, as ita title Indicates, and a better family paper is seldom met with; the stories it contains are well written and less objectionable thaa the stories published in molt other literary papers To cay it ia the best literary family paper pvblished in the United States, might be doing injustice to such literary papers of high merit as "M'Makin's Model Courier," ''The American Union,"and other papers of high standing, but-we may say that the " Museum " compares favoiably with any literary paper published in the world. Ossian E Dodffe, publisher, 12 School st, Boston, Mass Terms $2 per annum. PUTNAM'S MONTHLY—The August number of this sterling magazine we find upon our table, teemics; with the choicest literary matter as usual. Q. .P. Putnum publisher, 10 Park Place, N. Y. SHIPBUILDER'S MANUAL—Number 7 of this useful work is now published, and can be obtained at Adri-anee, Sherman & Co., No. 2 Astor House, thia city.