Philanthropists Bill Gates and Michael Bloomberg, New York City's mayor, announced in July a $500-million commitment to fight global tobacco use, especially in developing nations, where the burden of addiction is more costly. The money will support tobacco-control efforts, such as increasing cigarette taxes, modifying tobacco's advertising image and helping people quit.

Number of tobacco users worldwide: 1 billion

Number in China: 350 million

Annual number of deaths worldwide: 5 million

Average number of years of life lost by a smoker: 15

Percent of tobacco-related deaths by 2030 that will be in low- and middle-income countries (for which tobacco data are available): 80

Population of these countries: 3.8 billion

Amount collected by these countries in annual tobacco taxes: $66.5 billion

Amount they spend on tobacco control: $14 million

SOURCES: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; World Health Organization