The citizens of Chicago have introduced a new steam fire engine, built by Messrs. Sils-by, Mynderse &. Co., of Seneca Falls, N. Y., like the one illustrated on page 73, Vol. XII, SCIENTIFIC AMHKICAN. It is named in honor of Hon. " Long John " Wentworth. The Chicago press has favorable notices of its performance. With forty pounds of steam pressure, four streams were thrown through 100 feet of hose, with six-eighth inch nozzles, 150 feet horizontally; with sixty pounds, through the same length hose, with one-and-a-half inch nozzles, two streams 160 feet horizontally. No attempt was made to change the hose or nozzles after the playing commenced, as a pause of even a few minutes would have rendered the hose useless, by freezing. The full capacity of the machine was thus not called out, but was effectually indicated. The weight of the machine is about five tons, and the cost was $5,000. Much reading makes a full man; much speaking, a ready man; much writing, an exact man.—Bacon.