We understand that the Steamboat Inspectors for this District, of which R. L. Stevens is Chief Superintendent, and H. B. Renwick, formerly of the Patent Office, Engineering Inspector, have not been so [strict in making the owners of steamboats come up to the requirements of the New Act, as they should have been. The law should have gone intq full force in this District on the first ol last March, and all the steamboats had plenty of time to be fully prepared in every respect to" meet those requirements, and yet the majority of them, we are positive are not yet prepared to meet them. The Inspectors have complained of an inadequacy of foice, this! evil should be remedied, but we humbly believe, they have been too free and easy, with the proprietors of many steamboats. There never was a fault committed, nor a duty left impels formed, for which some excuse was not offered. In cases of life and death on steamboats, let the Inspectors remember, thai) they are now held as responsible—the most responsible oi all—for accidents connected with carelessness of Engineers, worm-eaten hulls, defective boilers, want of life boats, preservers, &c.