Notwithstanding the great variety of sew- t ing machines now patented and in use, new forms and improvements are constantly being added. The novelties of the machine above . referred to, relate to the shuttle motion, the s feed motion, the method of holding the cloth or material to be sewed in contact with the i feeding device, and the means of producing a proper tension on the thread. The improvements make the machine a very convenient article for sewing boot legs and other articles of similar form, as the channel through which the shuttle slides, is within a long cylindrical tube around which the leg of the boot or other similar article, may be bent in the operation of sewing. Engravings would be necessary to render the construction of the parts to which the improvements relate, well understood. The inventors, M. W. Stevens and E. G. Kingsley, oi Stoughton, Mass., have taken measures to secure a patent.