This is a new publication, by C. B. Stuart, Engineer in Chief of the U.S. Navy, published by Chas. B. Norton, Irving House, this city ; i is the companion to the previous splendid work of Mr. Stuart—11 The Naval Dry Docks of the United States. In our opinion it is the most splendid work on engineering ever published in this or any other country ; it certainly is a book of which tire author may well feel proud. It is illustrated with 36 fine engravings, and is printed on beautiful paper. It has a beautiful steel engraving of the author, and a very fine one of the U. S. Mail Steamer Arctic of the Collins Line. It contains an account with engravings of the De-mologos, or Fultons first war steamer, and the history of every steamer employed and belonging to the United States Government,— with full descriptions, of construction and performance—is presented. Only 26 steamers, from first to last, have belonged to our government, and at the present moment, our navy is sadly defective in the quantity and quality of her steamships. We hope this work will be the means, of directing attention to the acquirement of a more efficient and powerful steam naval force. The old Demologos (Fulton the first) is illustrated, and a comparison with it and the Fulton the third, the fastest steamship in the Navy, presents as much difference between the old and new steamship, as there is between a log hut and Trinity Church. We are certainly under a debt of gratitude to the author of this work ; and so are all American citizens, for it is a work on. American Engineering of which they can boast. It is dedicated to ?. K. Collins, the enterprising Chief of the Collins Line of steamers, and the engines of the Arctic are fully illustrated and described. The illustrations are the finest engravings of machinery ever presented to our people. In some future number we will take occasion to review, not the book, but, the progress and practice of engineering, as brought to light and recorded therein.