An article is published in the " Gardener's Chronicle and Agricultural Gazette," England; in which it appears Mr. Samuelson's digging machine has proved entirely successtul. This machine was first tried at the Annual Exhibition of the English Agricultural Society, at Bristol, sometime since, but proved nearly a failure in consequence of the want of a suitable provision for keeping the forks of the digger clean—as this machine works by forks instead of spades or plows. This difficulty could not well be remedied in the arrangement then used by the inventor, Mr. S., but it seems a slight change in the construction has enabled him to adopt what he denominates a cleaning comb tor keeping the teeth or prongs free from clay or other adhesive matter, so that it now operates with entire success, and gets over irom three to four acres per day. It requires about six horse-power to drive it. The machines are worth about $100, and are cheap considering the amount of work it will perform ; it is adapted to general use, but particularly for the interval forking of the land in the system of row cultivation ot grain crops. It is now at work near Banbury; Eng.