Lubricating a Wrist Pin By F. E. Keller OWNERS of gas engines, who have the horizontal type, where the wrist pin is oiled by the cylinder lubricator by way of a hole through the shell of the piston, will in some makes of engines find much Section through the. wrist pin. difficulty in keeping the wrist properly oiled, thus resulting in excessive wear and a continuous knocking. The writer having had this experience, made use of the following kink, which worked perfectly. The hole in the piston was drilled out, and a brass tube of proper length was fitted into it, as shown in one of the drawings. The oil hole in the connecting rod was cut to an oval shape to allow for the swinging movement of the rod. In operation the brass tube directed the oil down to the bearing, thus doing away with the splashing out ordinarily caused by the rapidly moving engine. Carrying Water on Moving Trains or Boats RATI.ROAD men frequently carry pails of water in the caboose and baggage cars. The motion of the cars would cause the water to slop, did they not employ the kink here illustrated. On the water is laid a t h i n board circular in shape and a little smaller in d i ameter than the inside of the pail to prevent pinching or jamming. When the baggage master desires to wash his hands he simply presses down the board with his knuckles or finger, which gives him all the water he needs without removing the board. This scheme for carrying water in a pail could be used to advantage on a cruising boat or a motor boat.