Exposure to the mid-day sun, during the last few days, has caused a large number of deaths. In this city, from Tuesday morning till Wednesday evening, last week, sixteen persons, principally laboring men, died from this cause alone. The following directions for treating these cases, is said to possess much efficacy, and until the attendance of a physicican is procured, it may be useful to try it; it is to be applied early to be of any use: " Place the patient in a cool and airy situation, with his head and shoulders elevated, and while one is removing his cravat, unbuttoning his shirt collar, and removing or loosening whatever else that may be tight about his person, dash suddenly cold water on the head. This may be done with a pitcher, or any suitable vessel, held at some little distance above the head, pouring out upon it a large and steady stream. Mustard plasters may also be used over the upper part of the feet, and on the wrists.— But continue the water, and the patient must be saved. It is hardly possible to speak too highly of the beneficial influences of cold water in the treatment of coup de soleil. Many violent cases of this, and also of apoplexy, have been most successfully cured by it.