Onitlie 17th of June last, there fell, about ten miles southwest of Ottawa, Ill., a quantity of cinders. The weather had bean showery, but there Wa,s no thunder or lightning. There appeared to be a small black cloud hanging over the spot where they fell; the larger ones were imbedded in the earth, while the smaller ones were only half buried. On the 17th of September, this year, a mass of lava "the size of a barrel," says the Sunny South, of Aberdeen, Miss., fell about ten miles from that place, and at the time it excited a great deal of attention for miles around. The former of these, we have every reason to believe, and we think that the appearance of the cinders point to a terrestrial rather than a celestial origin ; but, we think, that the editor of the Sunny Boutl. has drawn upon his imagination a little and colored the facts of our first instance. We should much like to-know how large the piece of lava was that fell at Aberdeen ; for a piece the "size of a barrel" is very indefinite and unsatisfactory.