The accident which occurred at the attempted launch of the above-named steamship—now named the Leviathan—by which one man was killed, was caused by a circumstance which has not yet appeared in any account given of the affair. At the inquest held on the body of the deceased operative, Mr. Brunei gave testimony to the effect that the running a,way of the check-drum handle, which struck the deceased, was owing to the circumstance that he had under estimated the motion of the vessel, and had too light a pressure upon the brakes, He said : "I ascribe the accident to the ship being moved more freely than we had expected, ancl to the brakes not having been on so hard as we should have them on when the Launch is next attempted. I may say that I blame myself, for I did not anticipate the handles would have gone round so rapidly." This testimony says a good deal for the candor of the great engineer, but reflects somewhat upon his forethought.