We have not received a number of this periodical which is published at Washington— .the Metropolis—since its 10th number reached us. Considering the importance of balloons and all flying machines, we are rather surprised that we have not had a visit from the inventor of the Aeroport or Flying ship before this. We expect to see him come sailing along in his balloon to New York City some fine Saturday—in the middle of the week. The last Report that was made by Mr. Porter, informed his friends that he had been occupied in cementing many seams and stopping all the minute pores of his float and in removing two conical transverse partitions, c. It seems that he was employing a considerable quantity of beeswax flexible pipes, and such-like droll things previous to the first flight of his Flying SLip. This was on the 9th of last month, and still the Aeroport has not arrived. Oh what a flying ship it must be. It is now four years since the building of it commenced, and the wax is not dry yet. Prodigious project.