Among the successful means employed to draw visitors to all the great expositions have been the naming of special days for different cities and States, thus inciting local enthusiasm in the bringing together of people from such localities. Manhattan Day, or the day specially set apart at the Atlanta Exposition for citizens of New York, occurred on Monday, November 35. The Costa Rica building, shown in one of the accompanying illustrations, is located in one of the least obtrusive parts of the exposition grounds, near the Plaza. The architectural features, as will be seen, are national in their outline, the main building being surrounded by a broad, sun protecting piazza, the long lines of whose roof are broken by successive arches and supporting columns. In addition to national exhibits, many of the dishes and beverages of that country are served. In another view we show an interior of the main hall of the Fine Arts building. There are three halls for exhibiting works of art in this building, the one herewith shown being devoted to statuary. The exhibits include work in marble, bronze, staff, etc., from heroic to miniature in size. The walls are also hung with drawings, photographs, paintings, etc. An entrance door to one of the other halls, devoted to paint-ings, is seen in the background. One of the finest views of the Electricity building is (Continued on page 344.)