At a recent sitting of the French Academy of Sciences, it Was attempted to demonstrate by a learned academician, from various careful experiments on the brains of animals, that the motive power of the respiratory mechanism, the vital point of the nervous system, is not bigger than the size of a pin's head. In a paper in the " Monthly Journal of Medical Science," for March, 1853, Dr. Alex. Smith, oi her Majesty's 32nd regiment, shows that the probable cause of the epidemic cho-lic, which afflicted the troops on the Island of Ceylon, during the past year, was the lead, which could be distinctly traced in the arrack and sugar which formed part of the supplies. Dr. Spurgin, in his " Six Lectures on Mate-ria Medica, and its relation to the Animal Economy," suggests that a most frequent application of therapeutical agents, in the gaseous form, by inhalation, in the way that we use chloroform, might be made available in very many diseases.