From the report of the Postmaster General of Great Britain, as published in Hunt's Merchant's Magazine, we cull the following information :—Since the improvement of the letter delivery system, there has been a free delivery of 300,000 letters per week or about sixteen millions a year. In London alone, the number of places where letters can be po|ted has been increased by the addition of sixty new receiving houses and sixtg^-six letter pillars—cast iron columns set up in the street, from which letters ate collected. From 1840 to the present time, the net annual revenue has increased three and a half times the amount—it is now $7,252,075—while the expenses have only doubled, being for the past year $8,604,075, and the amount of money transmitted through the Post OflSce in the shape of money orders was $60,901,365. All this is due to the energy and genius of one man—Rowland Hill.